The Magical Nissyoku Mood Lamp

Nissyoku Mood Lamp 01

Peter Toronyi took inspiration from solar eclipses to create the elegant Nissyoku lamp. The form is simple and sleek, and how you control the light is magical.

The Nissyoku is meant to be used as a mood light. The lens panels on each side can be adjusted, to angle the light in the direction you want. Even the brightness can be adjusted by the way you angle the panels. The magic behind all of this is created by the magnets that hold the panels to the center piece.

Each panel holds an LED light. These LED lights are powered by hybrid supercapacitors batteries. Turning the lamp on and off is done through the touch sensitive metal ring. It can be used as a pendant, wall or table lamp. Available – Christmas 2012.

Nissyoku Mood Lamp 02 Nissyoku Mood Lamp 03 Nissyoku Mood Lamp 04 Nissyoku Mood Lamp 05 Nissyoku Mood Lamp 06

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