Vintage Motorbike Parts Turned Into Lamps and Tables

recycled motorbike parts wall lamp

Classified Moto not only makes custom made motorbikes, but they use bike parts to create beautiful antique and vintage furniture and lighting. They use recycled parts of 70’s and 80’s Japanese motorbikes: “The components are likely to have traveled many thousands of miles in the good old days, so some dings and scratches are present.”

For the Classified Moto Lamp: “The design incorporates a spring/shock welded to a transmission gear welded to a brake rotor. High quality Bakelite sockets finish it off in keeping with the vintage vibe.”

The lamps cost in the $250 range, while the table costs $1,400 – Classified Moto.

recycled motorbike lamp

recycled motorbike

recycled motorbike parts wall lamp

recycled motorbike parts coffee table

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