How To Go About Lighting For High Ceilings

High ceilings in a house are a great feature to have. They make a room feel grand, airy and spacious. There are a number of things to take note when it comes to lighting for high ceilings. Because the ceiling is further away from the general living area than normal height ceilings, you’ll want light fixtures that hang and bring the light down close to the living area. If you do you use light fixtures that are fitted close to the ceiling, they will need to use high wattage bulbs.

lighting high ceilings

Pendant and Track Lighting

Depending on the room the best light option would be pendant lighting for high ceilings. Because they hang down they help bring the light closer to the living areas. These are ideal above countertops or work spaces. They can be single lights or come as multiple lights on a track. Track lighting uses one light outlet and will provide localized lighting to a specific area.


Other forms of pendant lighting include chandeliers, or mini chandeliers for smaller spaces. These can come in the well known crystal ornamental style, or there are minimalistic and simple chandelier styles for those who want a more modern look.

Fan and Light Together

If you are planning on having a fan installed within the room, the fan unit you choose can have a light integrated into it. Since the fan is hanging down from the ceiling, the light is brought down too.

Recessed Lighting for High Ceilings

Lighting ideas for high ceilings also include recessed lights. Higher wattage bulbs will be required for a space to be filled up with light, resulting in a high cost of running them. These can work alongside lights that are fitted on the walls or even floor lamps. Floor lamps and table lamps will be ideal in providing task lighting (for reading, etc.) for rooms with high ceilings.

Pendant lights hanging over a kitchen island

Lighting For High Ceilings in Different Rooms

Single pendant lights and chandeliers would be the recommended choice for living room ceiling lighting ideas and foyer lighting ideas. You can even find screw in pendant lights that fit straight into a normal ceiling light outlet. For bedroom ceiling lighting ideas, recessed lights would work best. This is because you don’t really need bright lighting in a bedroom, and any task lighting that is required can easily be added with side lamps. When it comes to kitchen lighting for high ceilings, and you are looking for kitchen island lighting ideas, track lights will be the best option. While a single pendant light would be all that is needed over a dinner table. So depending on the room, the light fixtures used for lighting high ceilings will vary.



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