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Design Guide: Barn Lighting Ideas from Decorative to Task Based

The Basics of Barn Lighting Let’s first go over a few basic essential lights that are needed in a barn. Then we’ll go over more elaborate barn lighting ideas and designs, which include such things as uplights, string lights and skylights. Inside When it comes to the interior of the barn, you’ll need to be […]


Outdoor Home Lighting: Best Outdoor Night Spaces [Pictures]

–   Here is a collection of backyard, garden, and outdoor lighting pictures:   image credits: Landscape Design Advisor 2 3 4 5 6, Amy, Gemma, Maggie Makes, Wonderlane, Jamie, Desy   Related Posts: Outdoor Pathway Lighting Ideas: From Post Lights To String and Tiki Torches L&L’s Photo Guide To Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas L&L LOOK BOOK: Beautiful Uses Of Outdoor […]

Deck Lighting String Lights

DIY: Simple Ways of Using Outdoor String Lights To Light a Deck

String lights are such a versatile lighting option. They are easy to put up and are inexpensive to buy. There are even solar powered versions – allowing you to hang them anywhere around the deck and making it even simpler to install. Here are a few deck lighting ideas using string lights. Create a Ceiling […]

Deck Lighting Tiki Torches

Simple Ways of Using Tiki Torches on Decks

A quick and simple way of adding lighting to a deck is to use tiki torches. These also add a tropical feel to an outdoor space. There are a bunch of ways to add tiki torches to a deck – from using buckets to attaching the torches to the railings. Buckets of Sand There are two […]


Tabletop Lighting Ideas For Your Deck

If you want to add lighting to your deck there are a few options to consider. First there are wireless deck lighting ideas such as using solar powered cap or floor lights. There are also a few simple tabletop lights that can be used on a deck: from fire bowls to traditional lanterns. Flameless Candles […]


Home Outdoor Lighting Ideas: From Driveway, Deck, Patio to Pool and Pond Lighting

This is the reference page for outdoor lighting ideas articles here on L&L. You can find links to everything from pond and pool lighting to pathway, patio, and garden lighting ideas. Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas Simple Landscape Lighting Ideas 6 Simple Artistic and Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas 5 Simple Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas Pergola Lighting […]


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