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DIY Glowing Orbs Lights

DIY Outdoor Lighting 01: Glowing Orbs

Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff has come up with a unique, simple and stunning DIY outdoor lighting idea. Using only opaque glass shades commonly found at secondhand stores for $1-3 (also available at hardware stores for $10-15) and old used string lights, she has made these decorative glowing orbs. There is really […]


L&L Design Guide: Outdoor Porch Lighting Ideas

The front porch is going to be the first thing people see when looking at your home. Therefore proper lighting is needed for a number of reasons: security, safety, creating an inviting home, and curb appeal (boosting your property value). Below you will find outdoor porch lighting ideas that cover all of those reasons. Motion […]

DIY Solar Lighting

Simple and Easy Decorative DIY Solar Jar

Solar stake lights are some of the most common solar powered lights available making them pretty inexpensive. They are simply planted into the soil around the backyard – an alternative would be to fill a bucket or pot with soil/sand allowing you to place them around a deck/porch/patio/balcony. If you want a more decorative solar […]


L&L Design Guide: Indirect Lighting Ideas

Indirect lighting design helps make a room a comfortable and relaxing space, as it provides a soft glow and diffused light. There is a wide range of indirect lighting ideas catering to all areas of the home: from the bedroom, and living room to the outdoors. Here are a number of indirect lighting options to […]


L&L Guide on Romantic Lighting Ideas: From the Bedroom to the Outdoors

Nothing creates romance faster than being together in candle light. Or maybe you are looking for romantic lighting ideas to create yourself a relaxing and comfortable home. Either way, every space within the house can be turned into a romantic area, from the bedroom, bathroom, to the dining area and living room. Here are a […]

Colored Tiki Torch Flames

Color The Night With Colored Tiki Torch Fuel

Tiki torches are already so majestic just the way they are, but have a look at these tiki torches that have colored flames. We like the more natural colors – our favorites are A) the original flame (can’t beat that one) and B) the blue flame. The colored flame is created through burning a metal […]


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