DIY: Simple Ways of Using Outdoor String Lights To Light a Deck

Deck Lighting String Lights String lights are such a versatile lighting option. They are easy to put up and are inexpensive to buy. There are even solar powered versions – allowing you to hang them anywhere around the deck and making it even simpler to install. Here are a few deck lighting ideas using string lights.

Create a Ceiling of Light

One lighting idea using string lights is to hang them over the deck. They can be attached from the wall of the house to a tree/pole/or an arch. If you use the small light bulb string lights, you will create a starry night effect over your deck.

string lights pole

String lights overhead attached to a pole

Create a Curtain of Light

Hanging a number of string lights side by side will create a curtain of lighting. This can be used on the walls of the house or on any overhanging beams there might be on your deck.

Wrap Around

String lights can be used to light up decks by wrapping them around:

  • The deck railings
  • Nearby trees
  • Umbrellas
  • Potted plants on the deck

3 DIY Lighting Ideas For The Deck Using String Lights

1. Plant Stands

Fill up a pot/bucket with sand or soil

Find long twigs and branches

You can paint these twigs white, green, blue or leave them their natural color

Plant the twigs into the pot

Then wrap the outdoor string lights around the twigs

White decorative tree branches used with white colored string lights

2. Coffee Can Lanterns

Maggie Makes has a tutorial here on how you can make elegant coffee can lanterns. In their tutorial they use candles to light the cans, but you can replace them with solar powered string lights. Place the cans outdoors where the sun will reach the string lights inside.

Deck Lights Lanterns 3 Outdoor Pendant Lights

The Blue Shed has a tutorial here on how to make an outdoor pendant light using hanging plant baskets and string lights.

Hanging Deck Lights Different Styles

There is such a wide range of choices when it comes to string light styles. You have the traditional red and green Christmas lights and there are the orange and white ones that are ideal for year round use. More decorative ones are available such as French Café Globe string lights, or Japanese paper lanterns. There is always the option to make string light origami shades as seen in the post here.

Origami Lights

Decorating ordinary outdoor string lights with origami shades

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Top Image Credit: Jeffrey Melton

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