Simple Ways of Using Tiki Torches on Decks

Deck Lighting Tiki Torches
A quick and simple way of adding lighting to a deck is to use tiki torches. These also add a tropical feel to an outdoor space. There are a bunch of ways to add tiki torches to a deck – from using buckets to attaching the torches to the railings.

Buckets of Sand

There are two types of tiki torches – you have the inexpensive bamboo torches and the underground gas piped ones. Both types of torches can be planted around the perimeter of your deck to provide lighting.

If you don’t have soil nearby to plant the tiki torches in, or you want the torches on your deck, you can use a bucket full of sand or soil to hold the torches up right.

deck tiki torches

deck tiki torch

A tiki torch clamped to a deck railing

On the Railings

There are tiki torches that come with a clamp base (available from Amazon). These clamps allow you to attach the torches to the railings of the deck.

Table Top Torches

Lastly there is the option of mini tiki torches. These mini torches are ideal for tabletop lighting on the deck.

Tip: Using Citronella Oil

Citronella is an alternative fuel for tiki torches. It is harvested from a cousin of the lemon grass making it an organic substance. It burns slower and with less smoke, and will also act as a natural insect repellent. Place the torches 12-15 feet apart from each other for best protection.

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