Lighting Designer Profile: Timo Niskanen

environmentally friendly change coin lamp

In this designer profile I will be taking a look at Finnish designer, Timo Niskanen. He is an energy conscious designer, who uses a lot of white to create clean and sleek looking lights. First up is the Change lamp which is prototype for public spaces. It encourages people to turn off the lamp when they leave as they need to insert a coin to turn it on, and when they leave – they can take the coin back which will turn the light off (much like how shopping carts work in some countries). Then there is the Loop, which is a beautifully crafted lamp, designed to be a timeless piece. The third piece is the Keppi table lamp which replicates nature’s beauty by using a clay cast of a branch that is integrated with a high powered LED.

Designer LED Loop Lamp

nature stick lamp

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