Scared of the Dark: Nurturing Sleep With Childrens Wall Lights

Kids Night Light

With their vivid imaginations, a lot of young children develop a fear of the dark, and will have trouble sleeping. A simple night light can help children go to sleep a lot easier. Childrens wall lights range from simple plug in bulbs to more elaborate night lights that can change color and even project constellations onto the ceiling. We have highlighted a few of the innovative night lights.

Twilight Turtle

The Twilight Turtle is a mix between a plush toy and a night light. The great thing about this battery operated night light is that it also shines constellations onto the ceiling. Along with the illustrated star guide, parents and children can spend some time before they fall asleep identifying constellations. There is also a fairytale that come along with the light, about how the turtle finds his way home using the constellations. Seen above, available here.

Aquarium Night Light

This is one of the more basic children’s night light. It will automatically switch on and off when it gets dark and bright, and will fade softly between different colors. Available here.

Kids Night Light

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