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DIY Entertainment for Kids Bath Time

In my kid’s bathroom lighting post I highlighted a floating LED light that creates an underwater light show that will delight kids when they are having their bath. Now I’ve just came across a unique DIY option – using glow sticks! Turn the lights off in the bathroom and use a few glow sticks to colorfully light up the bathtub. You can even put glow sticks inside of balloons, blow them up and have floating lights.

Glow Sticks Bath Tub

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littleBits: Electronic Lego Blocks (Lights, Sound, Sensors, Motors)


Ayah Bdeir built littleBits to be modern day Lego blocks. They are simple and easy to use building blocks that are used to make electronic creations. The parts it takes to create an electronic circuit have been broken down into separate modules aka littleBits. Each module has a specific function and they snap together with magnets.

“You didn’t have to be an engineer to build beautiful houses, beautiful bridges, and beautiful buildings – Lego made it assessable.”

In the demonstration we see Ayah Bdeir snap a blue block to a green one to create light. A knob is snapped between the two and acts as a dimmer switch. The knob is replaced by a pulse module and it becomes a blinking light. The speed at which the light blinks can be adjusted with a turn of a screw.

Right now there are sensors, lights, sound, and motorized LittleBits. They are all color coded with green being output, blue is power, pink is input, orange is wire. The goal is to make everything assessable and be an easy building block, including solar panels in the future.


The individual parts seem quite basic, but seeing what they can be used to build shows how powerful these building blocks can be. Some creations include:

    • Interactive piggy bank
    • Confetti Canon
    • A robot lobster that is afraid of the dark

littleBits modules

littleBits are quite pricey as they are fairly new. A teaser kit costs $29 while a full kit costs $89. Individual modules cost $14-20 but there is a discount for schools and bulk orders. Available here.

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To Do: Must Make These Superhero Lamps!

Toy Lamp Design

So far no other project comes close to the excitement of trying out this DIY idea. Each of the Superhero Lamps are one of a kind, using recycled toys. The sleek look and the amazing details of the toys makes the lamps so appealing. These truly amazing lamps were created by Ryan McElhinney an award winning product designer who has worked at Disney and 20th Century Fox.

If you’d like to make one, there are a few examples of people using glue guns to make their own versions of this superhero lamp. Evil Robot Designs also make custom toy lamps seen below.

Evil Robot Designs

By Evil Robot Designs 

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The DIY Chalkboard LED Pendant Light

This Chalkboard light has been sold on Etsy (shop now unavailable) but can be made at home using the materials listed on the sales page. It was made out of an old planter pot. The outside was painted with chalkboard paint, and the inside was painted in silver to reflect the light. A hole was made in the base to feed through the light bulb and additional holes were made to let light and shadows be casted across the room.

Chalkboard Light DIY

Chalkboard Light

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A Simple DIY Idea: The Vintage Map Paper Lantern

Vintage Map Lamp DIY

Some of the best DIY lamp ideas are the most simple to make and allow you to personalize it in your own way, just like the print out paper lights we mentioned here. Take this pendant light that Allison of Paisley Sprouts created. Here she takes the standard, well known paper lantern. Then cuts dozens of 5” circles out of vintage maps and hot glues them onto the lantern. The result is a wonderful, personalized pendant light for her baby’s bedroom. And as we said before, the great thing is that you can adapt this project to your own style by cutting out circles from beach photos, gardening/music/car magazines, or anything you like (even fabric and use glue to harden it).

DIY Vintage Map Lantern

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The Motion Sensing Milk Lamp by Locomolife

Milk Glass Light

Here is a creative lamp idea: a lamp made to look like a glass of milk and has a motion sensor used to turn it on or off. The LED Milk Lamp by Locomolife lights up when it is placed upright and you can easily turn it off by tilting it or turning it upside down. Ideal as a kids night light or even as coffee shop lighting. The milk glass lamp uses LED lights making it energy efficient and long lasting. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the milk light use to be available from Locomolife – at $9.99.

Milk Light

Glass Milk Lamp

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