Luxury Showers: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

Luxury LED Shower

Merging high tech with high end design, the new AMETIS collection by Graff brings elegance and luxury to the bathroom. One of the pieces in the AMETIS collection is the Shower Column. A beautifully crafted, hollowed brass sculpture blended together with LED bathroom lighting – designed by Davide Oppizzi. The fluid design of the shower column is inspired by the free flowing of water itself. Even how the water comes out has an artistic touch to it.

  LED AMETIS Shower Column

Like all pieces in this collection, lighting is designed to be uniformed with the shower column making it an interior design element. You can have the luxury bathroom lighting set to match your mood (choose to bathe in red, blue, white or green light) or they can be set for functional purposes (changes from blue to red depending on the water’s temperature).

luxury shower

This ultra-modern shower column comes in black, white, and chrome powder coated finishes – Graff Faucets.

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