L&L LOOK BOOK: Bathroom Lighting Gallery | Photos

In this L&L LOOK BOOK we have a range of bathroom lighting ideas. Here we highlight bathroom photos that show you the different ways of lighting a bathroom and the different bathroom light fixtures. Ranging from Moroccan to contemporary bathroom styles.

Accent lighting is used to light a vase in this Moroccan styled bathroom

photo by: Villa Amor in Sayulita

A frame has been created around the mirror where lights have been fitted into

photo by: Chalet Les Cimes

Great use of natural lighting with windows and a skylight along with recessed and pendant lighting

 photo by: andrechinn

A flush mount light is used for bathroom shower lighting

photo by: Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

A luxurious bathroom using wall chandeliers and a floor lamp

photo by: jingdianjiaju

The reflective ceiling and large mirror with the downlights, makes this bathroom feel larger than it is

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

Recessed wall lights used with bathroom wall lighting attached direct onto the floor to ceiling mirror

photo by: s.yume

A combination of natural lighting, wall washers and a pendant light create multiple lighting effects in this spacious bathroom.

photo by: lipjin

Recessed and cove lighting are used in this marble walled bathroom

 photo by: vincentq

Recessed lights are placed and localized over certain areas of this bathroom

photo by: leyla.a

Cove lighting is used to highlight this textured wall above the bath tub

photo by: reflexer

A warm glowing light shine from behind a piece of frosted glass

photo by: reflexer

A Buddha being illuminated with bathroom accent lighting

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

A well lit bathroom using recessed and LED wall lights

photo by: GranitArchitects

Another textured bathroom wall being highlighted with light

photo by: Train Chartering and Private Rail Cars

By bringing light closer to the ground, you can make a large space feel cozier

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

A recessed wall has light installed within the top frame to light the mirror

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

Recessed ceiling lights and a chandelier are used in this spacious bathroom

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

Take a look at our Design Guide: 9 Bathroom Lighting Ideas, where we show 9 different light fixtures that can be used to light a bathroom (from Hollywood lighting to bathroom sconces).

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