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L&L LOOK BOOK: Bathroom Lighting Gallery | Photos

In this L&L LOOK BOOK we have a range of bathroom lighting ideas. Here we highlight bathroom photos that show you the different ways of lighting a bathroom and the different bathroom light fixtures. Ranging from Moroccan to contemporary bathroom styles.

Accent lighting is used to light a vase in this Moroccan styled bathroom

photo by: Villa Amor in Sayulita

A frame has been created around the mirror where lights have been fitted into

photo by: Chalet Les Cimes

Great use of natural lighting with windows and a skylight along with recessed and pendant lighting

 photo by: andrechinn

A flush mount light is used for bathroom shower lighting

photo by: Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

A luxurious bathroom using wall chandeliers and a floor lamp

photo by: jingdianjiaju

The reflective ceiling and large mirror with the downlights, makes this bathroom feel larger than it is

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

Recessed wall lights used with bathroom wall lighting attached direct onto the floor to ceiling mirror

photo by: s.yume

A combination of natural lighting, wall washers and a pendant light create multiple lighting effects in this spacious bathroom.

photo by: lipjin

Recessed and cove lighting are used in this marble walled bathroom

 photo by: vincentq

Recessed lights are placed and localized over certain areas of this bathroom

photo by: leyla.a

Cove lighting is used to highlight this textured wall above the bath tub

photo by: reflexer

A warm glowing light shine from behind a piece of frosted glass

photo by: reflexer

A Buddha being illuminated with bathroom accent lighting

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

A well lit bathroom using recessed and LED wall lights

photo by: GranitArchitects

Another textured bathroom wall being highlighted with light

photo by: Train Chartering and Private Rail Cars

By bringing light closer to the ground, you can make a large space feel cozier

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

A recessed wall has light installed within the top frame to light the mirror

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

Recessed ceiling lights and a chandelier are used in this spacious bathroom

photo by: lucasfoxbcn

Take a look at our Design Guide: 9 Bathroom Lighting Ideas, where we show 9 different light fixtures that can be used to light a bathroom (from Hollywood lighting to bathroom sconces).

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L+L LOOK BOOK: Tiki Torches Photos

Find inspiration for your own lighting design in our tiki torch Look Book. Below are a number of images that show the different uses of tiki torches as well as the different styles, shapes, and heights – enjoy.

2 tiki torches lighting up the sky photo by: troymckaskle

A bamboo torch overlooking a lake photo by: Brandon Koger

sunset photo by: Andy Beal Photography

A group of bamboo torches photo by: wayneandwax

a capped tiki torch photo by: brianjmatis

tiki torches placed around a swimming pool photo by: shawnogram

tiki flame photo by: Katrina Bowman

wine bottle tiki torch photo by: rrriles

in a garden photo by: shawnogram

A tiki torch at night with a lantern photo by: nicholasjon

photo by: athrasher

A torch in a garden photo by: foodiesathome.com

flame photo by: J. McPherskesen

luau lighting photo by: JolieNY

torch photo by: Katherine Martinelli

L+L LOOK BOOK: Driveway Lighting Photos

Here in our LOOK BOOK, you can find inspiration for driveway lighting ideas.  Here you will find a number of images showing different ways to light a driveway and a range of different driveway lighting fixtures.

Images For Driveway Lighting Ideas

driveway tress lights This driveway is lit up by the spill over from the accent lighting of the trees and the house facade.  photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

driveway at night Post lights showing the changes in direction of the driveway. photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

house light piler Two stone pillars (left one is out of view) with lights attached to them, provide enough lighting for this short driveway. Lighting on the house provides additional ambient lighting. photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

path lighting Low and warm lighting,  for this longer driveway. photo by: trevhunter

house uplights Lighting the front of the house, done here with uplights, not only showcases and makes the house look elegant, but also provides driveway entrance lighting. photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

medium post lights Tall post lights being used. photo by: wheany

garage lights If you only have a short driveway, then you will only need light fixtures at the ‘destination’ (shown here as the garage entrance), just as long as there is enough street light to light the entrance of the driveway. photo by: ktgeek

gate entrance One way to light the entrance of your home’s (or mansion’s) driveway, if you have a gate, is to point uplights at the pillars. photo by: Tancread

Driveway Lighting Fixtures

gate lantern A lantern sits atop a gate pillar providing light at the entrance. photo by: Keith Williamson

pole light Tall pole lights work great for the entrance or the driveway itself. photo by: rosipaw

solar light Short solar post lights are an easy, inexpensive, and fast way of lighting the edge of a driveway. photo by: Kyle Rove
garage If you have a short driveway, light fixtures attached to the house or garage entrance can provide enough lighting. photo by: Jeenzy

pole light A medium size pole light, with it’s base lovely decorated with a small bed of flowers. photo by: Andrew|W

A more creative and whimsical way of lighting a path. photo by: -Prescott