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L&L LOOK BOOK: Beautiful Uses Of Outdoor String Lights [Lighting Ideas Photo Gallery]

String lights are inexpensive and and highly versatile light fixtures. With a little creativity outdoor string lights can turn a room or an object into a beautiful sight, as you will see below. From weddings, DIY projects to building facades, from sculptures to creating canopy ceilings – there are so many different outdoor string lighting […]

L&L LOOK BOOK: Bathroom Lighting Gallery | Photos

In this L&L LOOK BOOK we have a range of bathroom lighting ideas. Here we highlight bathroom photos that show you the different ways of lighting a bathroom and the different bathroom light fixtures. Ranging from Moroccan to contemporary bathroom styles. photo by: Villa Amor in Sayulita photo by: Chalet Les Cimes  photo by: andrechinn […]

L+L LOOK BOOK: Tiki Torches Photos

Find inspiration for your own lighting design in our tiki torch Look Book. Below are a number of images that show the different uses of tiki torches as well as the different styles, shapes, and heights – enjoy. photo by: troymckaskle photo by: Brandon Koger photo by: Andy Beal Photography photo by: wayneandwax photo by: […]

L+L LOOK BOOK: Driveway Lighting Photos

Here in our LOOK BOOK, you can find inspiration for driveway lighting ideas.  Here you will find a number of images showing different ways to light a driveway and a range of different driveway lighting fixtures. Images For Driveway Lighting Ideas This driveway is lit up by the spill over from the accent lighting of […]

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