The Design Guide to Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Out of all the different bathroom lighting styles, from rustic or Victorian to Moroccan or traditional, the most chosen one is modern bathroom lighting. This is because in most homes this style will match with other rooms, and in a lot of homes the decor and fixtures within the bathroom are modern too. If you are using traditional or rustic light fixtures, you will want to have bathroom fixtures such as taps and décor that matches. Modern bathroom lighting fixtures will feature simple and clean designs.

Modern lighting styles for a bathroom will consist of lights that are usually made of chrome or stainless steel. They will have a clean and sleek design, without any ornamental or decorative features. The lamp shades should be frosted to diffuse the light, providing a soft and elegant glow.

For an example of modern bathroom lights, have a look at Murray Feiss bathroom lighting collections. For clean and simple contemporary bathroom lighting, the Tribecca Collection will be the right choice.

The Murray Feiss Tribecca Lighting Collection

The Tribecca Collection at

The Halstad Murray Feiss Collection features bold, square shaped bathroom light fixtures. They are a unique design that features brushed steel and opal glass.

The Murray Feiss Halstad Lighting Collection

The Halstad Collection at

Recessed and Cove Lighting in Modern Bathrooms

Recessed lights are popular in modern homes. They are common in living rooms and bedrooms, but can also be used in bathrooms. Recessed lights are lights that are fitted within the ceiling – this hides the lights creating a minimalist and modern look.  Recessed lights can also be fitted into walls, behind mirrors or around vanity areas. A major undertaking would be to install cove lighting. This is when a cutaway in the ceiling is made to house lights that are hidden. For more on cove lighting have a look at our post: L&L Design Guide: Cove Lighting Ideas

Unique Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom tiles that also act as lights

A unique bathroom lighting idea would be to use ‘Light Shape’. These are bathroom tiles that have an elegant floral shape cut out of them. A backlight then shines through the cutaway. Read more about it here: ‘Light Shape’ By Fiandre Provides A Fresh Look At Bathroom Light Fixtures


  1. Don’t forget that for daytime use there is always natural lighting. This can be added to a bathroom through a skylight or frosted windows.
  2. Installing dimmer switches will allow full control over the lights. You can have soft glowing light for a more relaxing atmosphere, while bright lights can be used for morning preparations.

When it comes to modern bathroom lighting, the only thing to remember is to use light fixtures that are clean, sleek and simple in design. You will want to find lights that closely match the faucets, décor and other fixtures in the bathroom to create a unified modern look.

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