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L&L Design Guide: Laundry Room Lighting Ideas

Adding the right kind of lighting to a laundry room will help make the space more usable. Here are the best laundry room lighting ideas, from installing solar tubes to quick installing battery powered motion sensor lights.

A florescent light strip might not sound like the most decorative type of light fixture to use, but there are a number of benefits with this type of lighting. The reason why this is the best lighting for a laundry room is because of the white light it gives off. Under white light, you can see true colors (those nice halogen lights give off a slight orange tint, distorting colors around it). You’ll be able to see clearly if there are any stains or marks left on the clothing. Alternatives to those long florescent light strips include using florescent flush mount lights or just compact florescent light bulbs.

laundry room lighting

A laundry room using a flush mount light

Recessed lighting is a popular choice in modern homes. This is when the light fixtures are installed within the ceiling, hiding all the parts. One or two of these in a laundry room should be enough. You can even use the compact florescent light bulbs here. Other common lighting options for a laundry room are: flush mount lights, pendant lights if you have a tall room (they help bring the light down), and track lights if you have a wide room (they can be angled to different parts of the room).

solar tube

A solar tube installed in a closet - by solatube.com

If your laundry room is on the top floor of the house (which is a good idea as the bedrooms will also be on the same level, making it easier carrying all the laundry around), one unique lighting option would to use solar tubes. These are tubes that are fitted into the ceiling – they go all the way to the top of the roof outside, and bring light inside during the day. There are options to have a light fitted within the solar tube so it can be used at night – a unique and green laundry lighting option.

If you have a small laundry room that just stores the washing machine, then there are simple and inexpensive lighting options that can be installed within minutes. Quick and simple laundry room lighting fixtures would include using battery powered LED lights. These come in the form of little pucks or light strips. You can even choose from motion sensing ones, or push on/off ones.

LED lights

Tap and motion sensor puck lights

image credits: Amber


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Home Garage Lighting Ideas: A Photo Guide To Fixtures, Layout and Design

A garage can be a dark and dull place without the right kind of lighting. There are a number of garage lighting ideas available, though florescent light strips would be the only suggested route to go down. Additional lights can work alongside these florescent strips such as work and decorative light fixtures. There are also ways to make a garage less sterile looking while still using these florescent strip lights. We go over all of this below, along with a lot of photos so you can get a good idea of how the lights will work in your garage.

Garage Design Tip: Avoid Using Just One Light

A garage tends to be a large space. As you can see in the two photos below, a single light in the middle of the garage doesn’t light up the large space well:

single garage lighting

One light bulb in the middle of the ceiling isn't enough lighting for a garage space

bad garage lighting

Avoid using one central ceiling light in a garage

In the examples below, the best looking garages are the ones that use a number of different garage lighting fixtures and techniques.

The Best Home Garage Lighting Solution: Florescent Light Strips

If you want the best garage lighting design, then use florescent light strips. There are a number of benefits to using them. They easily light up a large space, are energy efficient, with the right ballast will work in cold weathers, and if you have a work shop and use paints – florescent lights show true colors.

There are a variety of florescent light strips – you have the T4, T5, T8 and the T12. The numbers represent the different widths in diameter. They produce different amounts of light, so choosing between them is based on how much space is in your garage. If you have a garage that gets cold, below 50 degrees F, you’ll want to avoid T12s and instead use the T8s – and use an electronic ballast rather than an electromagnetic one.

If you have a high ceiling or want to install these lights over a work space, then you can find light fittings that come with a chain so you can hang the lights lower down from the ceiling.

garage shop lights

Florescent shop lights

LumaLinks is a company that provides garage lighting fixtures. Their lighting system allows you to tap into an existing light outlet in the ceiling. You can easily expand and tailor your garage lighting layout to your space without additional wiring.  

Lumalinks Garage Lighting

Lumalinks: simple to install, garage florescent lighting

  • Photograph Examples of Garage Fluorescent Lighting
garage lighting

Garage florescent lighting


A man in a garage lit by overhead florescent lights

garage lighting

Two 8 foot high output florescent lights lighting up this garage

florescent garage lights

A garage using a series of florescent lights and window lighting

florescent garage light

garage lighting



The florescent garage lights in the picture on the left can be bought on Amazon here.



  • Painting The Walls

Even with bright florescent lights, the garage in the picture below looks dark and dull:

dark garage

A dim and dark garage

Painting the wall a light color (white) will help make the space brighter. Or you can paint the walls cream or off white for a less sterile look:

garage lighting design

Painting the walls a light color brightens and softens a garage with florescent lights

You can always add florescent light covers to diffuse the lighting, reducing the glare from the light strips.

Garage Lighting Solutions For Work Areas

If you have any work areas in your garage, you will want to have specific lights focused on those areas. Ceiling lights will either not reach the work areas or will cast shadows making it difficult to work. One option mentioned earlier was to use florescent shop lights that are low hanging.

Another option is to use florescent pendant lights, in addition to the florescent light strips as seen in the photo below:

garage design

A garage using pendant lights above a work station, as well as florescent strip lights for general lighting

Under cabinet lighting can also provide light for work stations:

under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is another way of lighting work stations

Natural Lighting

Having windows will bring in natural light during the day. These windows can be installed in the walls or there are garage doors that have small windows fitted in them. Here are some examples of garages using windows to bring in natural light:

garage windows

The tall windows bring in a lot of natural lighting into this garage during the day

garage windows

The windows in the garage door fill the space with natural lighting, while the florescent ceiling lights are used at night

Reasons not to use windows:

  • They have poor insulation, making a garage space colder or warmer
  • If your garage faces direct and intense sunlight, the UV rays could affect chemicals you store in the garage (paint, cleaners, etc.)

Easy and Cozy Home Garage Lighting

There is always the option to use string lights, globe lights and floor lamps to light a garage. These are for more cozy, hangout type garages:

garage hangout

A garage hangout using string lights and lamps

Decorative Lighting

And our last garage lighting idea is: neon signs. They make for great decorative garage lighting fixtures:

neon signs

Neon signs make for decorative light fixtures in a home garage


image credits: 8one6, j.s clark, steve caddy 2 3, chuck-reynoldsmtneer_man 2 3, riebschlager, Vagabond Shutterbug, steveleenow 2, briandewitt, jeweledelion, JonDissed, Susan Sharpless Smith


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