Light Therapy: Overcoming and Beating Jet Lag

The best way in preventing or beating jet lag is to use light therapy. As told by Emirates Airlines Group President Maurice Flanagan, our body clock is regulated by exposure to light and “spending time under artificial light is reckoned to starve the brain of the stimulus needed to regulate the clock”.

Philips goLight Jet Lag Light Therapy Research has shown that the best way in how to deal with jet lag is to manage our exposure to light. You want to time the exposure of light you get to the destination you are arriving in. The Litebook or Philips goLite are travel lights that can help you regulate your body clock.

You can find a jet lag calculator here which will tell you what times you want to avoid and seek light before departing helping you in overcoming jet lag.

An alternative would be to fly with an airline that understands the effects lighting can have on our body clocks. Emirates Airlines has used cabin airplane lights to simulate daylight and night at passengers’ destinations since 2004. Now more planes will be adopting the jet lag light therapy method as the new Boeing Dreamliner 787 incorporates an LED system designed specifically for it.


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