DIY Outdoor Lighting 01: Glowing Orbs

Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff has come up with a unique, simple and stunning DIY outdoor lighting idea. Using only opaque glass shades commonly found at secondhand stores for $1-3 (also available at hardware stores for $10-15) and old used string lights, she has made these decorative glowing orbs. There is really nothing to it: stuff the lights into the shades, plug them in and your done – all for $3. You can even use solar string lights and avoid the wiring completely. Or they would make for wonderful table lamps. We’ll be trying this out soon – maybe even applying a thin layer of green coating on the orbs to make them blend in with the plants during the day.

DIY Outdoor Lighting Orbs

The only two materials needed to make the DIY outdoor lighting fixtures

DIY outdoor lights

The finished pieces

DIY lights

The orbs decorating and lighting the outdoor space perfectly


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