Using Outdoor String Lights For Your Garden

Many people think landscape lighting is expensive and complicated, but is not. One way of lighting your garden is to use decorative outdoor string lights, and using solar powered lights will make it even easier.

Outdoor string lights are a number of light bulbs connected together. The lights can range from colorful to warm or white outdoor sting lights, and come in styles such as large lanterns, circular, rustic, modern, or small festive lights. They are great because they can be used for exterior lighting all year round. String lights should not be mistaken with rope lights, which are LED lights in-cased within a clear tube to form a rope.

From paper DIY paper origami shades to wine bottle lamps, have a look at our post here for a range of outdoor string lighting ideas

Decorative outdoor string lights are used for ambient lighting: to outline driveways, walkways or steps, they look great for deck lighting, patios and porches. String lights cast a soft glow but when used with other forms of landscape lighting will enhance the look of any garden.

Depending on the quality and length of the decorative outdoor string lights, the prices can range from $15 to $150. The lights can come in lengths of 10 to 40+ feet, and some string lights are able to connect together.

Decorative Outdoor String Lights
The kind of decorative string lights to buy will be based on how you want your garden to look. If you are decorating for the festive season then red and green or other colorful string lights will turn the garden into a festive wonderland. If you are looking for a natural, year round design, one that is calm and relaxing like a European café, then white outdoor garden lights or off white will be the best choice.

Standard Outdoor String Lights: These are the most common outdoor string lights. You can get them in many different styles, colors, and lengths. There are many choices, from mini lanterns to colored blown glass.

Victorian String Light

Victorian String Lights

Lantern String Lights

Lantern String Lights

Glass Globes String Lights

Glass Globes String Lights

LED Outdoor String Lights: An energy efficient option is to use LED outdoor string lights. They are versatile and can be used to light trees, plants or other parts of the garden. More commonly seen as Christmas decorations, they now come in white and off white colors, which can be used all year round.

Japanese lanterns: A creative option for outdoors string lighting is to use Japanese lanterns. These are usually made of paper and can be fitted with an electric cord to attach light bulbs.

Going Solar
Using solar outdoor string lights will make it much easier to install and place the lights where you want. There is also no need to have timers or to switch the lights on and off, as they will automatically come on at night. They are becoming cheaper to buy and they don’t cost anything to run. More and more styles, shapes and colors are being made available as more people turn to solar powered lights.

Using decorative outdoor string lights is a great way of adding ambient lighting to your garden. It can easily turn an area into a festive, colorful place or make an area relaxing and elegant. Adding any kind of lighting to a garden will make it an enjoyable place to experience during night.

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Outdoor String Lights

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