A Modern and Creative Exterior Lighting Idea: Sun Jars

Solar Sun Jar

Sun Jars are hassle free lights, simple to use and flexible to arrange in your garden. Inside these elegant Mason jar solar lights is an LED. A solar cell captures sunlight and recharges the battery that powers the LED. At night the glowing of the light inside the frosted solar jar resembles a little captured sun.

The jars will automatically come on as it gets dark and will stay lit up to 5 hours depending on the amount of sunlight it gets during the day. They can be kept indoors on windowsill or because they are waterproof they an ideal exterior lighting idea. A number of these placed around a garden – under a tree, around flowers, on the deck or patio, on a garden shelf, or by the door – will create a unique and whimsical ambiance at night.

They are also ideal as Eco-friendly gifts for friends and family.

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