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Recycled Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Heirloom Claremont’s Etsy page sells a range of different upcycled lights. Here is a collection that caught my eye. They are upcycled wine bottles, cut, and fitted with an Edison light bulb. These pendant lights can be ordered in different shapes and colors, depending on the wine bottle used. They are ideal for rustic, industrial or vintage settings.

recycled wine bottle lights

recycled wine bottle lights

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The Intersection of Art and Lighting: Light Sculptures

Light Sculptures Recycled Lamp

These a beautiful light sculptures. What’s even more amazing is that they are made out of recycled PET bottle. Created by Russian designer Bistra Kosovianova:

“While I was having fun creating these light objects, I learned to observe the properties of the light and shadow reflected and diffused by different space and atmosphere. I create light for the darkest hours of the night when dreams and fantasies are born. These lamps are not meant to light-up the rooms, but the consciousness . They are mainly made of plastic bottles as my goal is to bring this useless material back to the world in a new and beautiful manner, thus giving my tiny contribution for the preservation of nature and our home, the Earth.”

Light Sculptures Recycled Lamp

Light Sculptures Recycled Lamp

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Vintage Motorbike Parts Turned Into Lamps and Tables

recycled motorbike parts wall lamp

Classified Moto not only makes custom made motorbikes, but they use bike parts to create beautiful antique and vintage furniture and lighting. They use recycled parts of 70’s and 80’s Japanese motorbikes: “The components are likely to have traveled many thousands of miles in the good old days, so some dings and scratches are present.

For the Classified Moto Lamp: “The design incorporates a spring/shock welded to a transmission gear welded to a brake rotor. High quality Bakelite sockets finish it off in keeping with the vintage vibe.

The lamps cost in the $250 range, while the table costs $1,400 – Classified Moto.

recycled motorbike lamp

recycled motorbike

recycled motorbike parts wall lamp

recycled motorbike parts coffee table

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Upcycled Designer Profile: Victoria Road – Lighting with Patina and Soul

Remember the past, Remember the future!

Victoria Road is an artist couple from East London. They create up-cycled lighting and furniture giving old machines a new lease of life. New elements like electrics and fixings are added for safety. Victoria Road designs are all one- off pieces but can re-create an item in a similar style. Their customers share a passion for handcrafted designs and environmentally conscious products.

Syntax Lamp

Syntax Lamp £160 – sold

What they create is aimed to be a “social sculpture”, art that changes the space, the way people interact with it and therefore affects people’s perception and attitude.

Their products were part of the recent Upcycled exhibition and are currently selling in The Old Cinema in Chiswick, Artway Emporium in Highgate and Beautiful Interiors in Walthamstow.

Victoria Road take on commissioned work and are ready to produce different or larger designs upon request. Their bespoke design service is very straight forward, please see details here:

www.victoriard.co.uk or contact them here: info@victoriard.co.uk

Japan Lamp

Japan lamp £250

Shrek Upcycled Lamp

Shrek Lamp £450

Beast Lamp

Beast Lamp £1600

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Upcycled Lamps: 7 Unique Projects and Ideas

Here are some of the best upcycled lamps we’ve seen. These ideas and projects are simple and inexpensive to do. Leave us a comment and link if you try any of them out.

The Sharpie Doodle Lamp

You can easily upgrade a lamp by using a sharpie. Better Homes and Gardens upcycled a teal colored lamp into a one of a kind piece by simply drawing doodles on it – link.

Upcycled sharpie lamp

Superhero Lamp

Ryan McElhinney (who has worked at such places as Disney and 20th Century Fox) took old toys, a lamp and created stunning lamps. Using a hot glue gun, he stuck together a bunch of superhero toys to the base of a lamp, and then used a high gloss paint to create the unified look. – link

recycled toys lamp

Relumine: Florescent Light Strip Lamps

Because we are switching to using more energy efficient compact florescent light bulbs instead of incandescent ones, Studio mischer‘traxler wanted to go out and redesign normal lamps to use those long florescent strips. They ended up with these playful looking lamps that look like something from a Pixar movie – link.

florescent lamps

The Picasa Photo Lamp

Marie over at Under the Sycamore has used the photo sharing website Picasa to upcycle her lamps into one of a kind light pieces.  Picasa allows you to create collages with your photos and edit them into black or white if you want, which can then be printed out on vellum and hot glued onto a lamp shade – link.

recycled lamp shade

Camera Film Lamp

Here is an idea: use an old IKEA lamp and glue black and white negative film onto the glass – 6 DIY Lamp Ideas.

diy film lamp idea

Christmas Ornament Upcycled Lamp

Looking to recreate a designer lamp, Brooke over at All Things Thrifty used Christmas ornaments and a lamp to create this lovely piece – link.

upcycled floor lamp

Dip Dye

Simply and instantly upcycle lamps by getting fabric dye and dip dying the lamp shades to create gorgeous color gradients. It works best on light colored fabric lamp shades – link.

dip dye lamp


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Upcycled Florescent Strip Lamps: Looks like Something from Pixar

Studio mischer‘traxler have gone and completely redesigned standard lamps to use florescent light strips. There is something so playful about these lights, like they could be a part of a Pixar movie. The concept around the Relumine lights is based around the idea that normal incandescent light bulbs, the ones you would normally fit into lamps, are not as energy inefficient as florescent lights.  So they went out to redesign and recycle lamps to use florescent lights.

Upcycled Florescent Lamps

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