How To Make Paper Lamps: Simple and Elegant DIY Ideas

We found some gorgeous and minimalistic DIY paper lamps. Follow these tutorials on how to make paper lamps:

An LED DIY Paper Lamp

LilyLeds of Instructables has created simple and decorative lamp using only a printed image, magnets, a battery powered LED and tape. The results as seen in the pictures are elegant Asian paper lamps. The great thing about this DIY project is that you can print out any image and create your own personalized lamp (a one solid colored illustration works best). You can follow along with the instructions here.

A DIY paper lamp

Fold and cut paper lamp

Cut and Fold Lamps

Another paper lamp idea comes from Drips, again from Instrucatables. This time the lamp is made by using cut and fold techniques to create its unique style. Using only one sheet of paper, Drips outlines the step by step process to cut and fold the paper, and how to make the internal lamp. These paper table lamps are really beautiful. The designs you could make for the lamp are endless – there are templates online to make the Eiffel tower, or highly complex geometric designs – site.

Fold and cut paper lamp

Paper Cutting Lamps

MrYen has a range of paper lamps on display at his Flickr account. Using paper cutting techniques he was able to create these lamps that have soft graphics on them. The same can be done by printing a light shaded image onto the paper, but it won’t look as great.


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