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wooden pendant light 04

Designer Lighting Showcase: Hard Wood Pendant Lights

Here are a series of pendant lights, designed by Adam Brackney, crafted out of a range of hardwoods, such as Walnut. In the photos you can see that one of the pendant lights is photographed using an old school Edison light bulb, as well as a low watt globe bulb. The beauty in these light […]

Small Apartment Interior Design 03

Interior Design Showcase: Russian Apartment

Here we have a small apartment in Russia that has been designed by Curly Studio. It has a clean, modern and minimalist look, infusing a lot of wood into the space to create warmth. In terms of lighting: modern recessed lights fill the space with ambient lighting, while pendant lights around the bed and industrial […]


L&L Design Guide: Creative and Modern Desk Lighting Ideas [Pictures]

There are two types of desk lighting ideas: you have the functional white lights that help with productivity, and then there are more relaxing lights that helps with creativity. Below are ideas for both kinds. Here are some creative and unique desk lighting ideas: Have a lamp pointed to a wall which has a piece […]


Lights & Lights Room Guide: Baby Nursery Lighting Ideas

When it comes to baby nursery lighting ideas the same principles of lighting any room still apply: you want enough general ambient lighting to create a comfortable space and you’ll need task lights (like lamps) in specific areas of the room. The Basics Some basic and essential lights to include in a nursery are ceiling […]


Design Style Guide: Designer Italian Lighting

Italians are known for their high regard for quality in terms of manufacturing products that not only perform its function well but also speaks volumes about the Italians’ rich background in design and the arts. This can be seen in many products that come from Italy, from their suits to designer Italian lighting brands such […]

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The Design Guide to Modern Bathroom Lighting

Out of all the different bathroom lighting styles, from rustic or Victorian to Moroccan or traditional, the most chosen one is modern bathroom lighting. This is because in most homes this style will match with other rooms, and in a lot of homes the decor and fixtures within the bathroom are modern too. If you […]


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