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Designer Lighting Showcase: Hard Wood Pendant Lights

Here are a series of pendant lights, designed by Adam Brackney, crafted out of a range of hardwoods, such as Walnut. In the photos you can see that one of the pendant lights is photographed using an old school Edison light bulb, as well as a low watt globe bulb. The beauty in these light pieces comes from the gorgeous grains in the wood.

wooden pendant light 01

wooden pendant light 02

wooden pendant light 03

wooden pendant light 04

wooden pendant light 05

wooden pendant light 06

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Interior Design Showcase: Russian Apartment

Small Apartment Interior Design 01

Here we have a small apartment in Russia that has been designed by Curly Studio. It has a clean, modern and minimalist look, infusing a lot of wood into the space to create warmth. In terms of lighting: modern recessed lights fill the space with ambient lighting, while pendant lights around the bed and industrial style wall lamps above the mirror in the walk in closet, and in the bathroom provide localized lighting.

Small Apartment Interior Design 02 Small Apartment Interior Design 03 Small Apartment Interior Design 04 Small Apartment Interior Design 05

Small Apartment Interior Design 06

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L&L Design Guide: Creative and Modern Desk Lighting Ideas [Pictures]

There are two types of desk lighting ideas: you have the functional white lights that help with productivity, and then there are more relaxing lights that helps with creativity. Below are ideas for both kinds.

Here are some creative and unique desk lighting ideas:

      • Have a lamp pointed to a wall which has a piece of art work, poster, or memorabilia
      • Place a lamp behind the computer monitor to create a soft glow of light around the desk

desk lighting ideas

  • If you have a plexiglass or a glass desk surface, having under desk lighting (either on the floor or attached to the desk) will create a soft glowing space.
      • An adjustable pendant or wall light is a versatile lighting option
      • The desk draws can have lights installed inside of them to come on whenever you open them.
      • Rope lights, LED lights which are encased within a flexible plastic tube, can be used around the desk. They can be fixed to the back of the desk, or under the desk to create floor lighting.
desk light

A lamp behind the monitor creates a relaxing glow around the desk

desk lights

Another example of lights behind the monitor(s)

under desk lighting

An example of a transparent desk using under lighting

desk lighting

Another transparent desk using under lighting

desk lights

A desk lit up by the fish tank, floor lighting, and a lamp behind the laptop

Desk draw light

Automatic desk draw lighting

Desk Light

An adjustable wall light

The Essential Desk Lamp

One thing to remember is that when you have a desk lamp you do not want the light bulb to be higher than your eye line, otherwise the light bulb will be visible and will create glare. A traditional and popular choice is the anglepoise lamp (the one also known as The Pixar Lamp). This can be angled in every direction.

The LEAF lamp - a luxurious desk light

The Leaf Lamp

There are more modern desk lamps, ones that make use of the latest LED technology and have touch pads controls. Like the Leaf Lamp designed by Yves Behar for Herman Miller, which allows you to change the LED lights from functional cold lighting, to more relaxing warm lighting. It was named by Time Magazine as “Best Invention of 2007”. It is priced at $429 and available here.

Space Saving

When it comes to desk lamps, there are a number of different bases to choose from which can help in saving valuable desk space. For example there are magnetic lamps which can be stuck onto a nearby metal surface, there are also lamps that can be clamped onto the desk. Another space saving computer desk lighting option is to use floor lamps.

magnetic work lamps

If you want a more decorative desk lamp, then head on over to Evil Robot Designs and get a custom superhero lamp made. These guys will use old toys to create the base of a lamp, as seen in the awesome pictures below.

golden super hero lamp

golden super hero lamp

Make Your Own Lamp Shades: There is also the Lamp In A Box website that allows you to upload your own images to have them printed onto a lamp shade.

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Natural Lighting

The best lighting to use in the day is natural lighting. Look for good quality blinds, windows, or shades, that let you control the level of light/heat that comes in.

Mood Lights and Modern Desk Lighting

Mood lights help in creating a relaxing and comfortable work setting, allowing you to do more creative thinking. An example of a modern and sleek mood light is the Yantouch Jellyfish. It looks like a blend of a jellyfish and an iPad. It even has a gesture based, touch control pad. Since it uses LED lights the lamp can shine a range of hundreds of thousands of colors, and fade between them. Other mood desk lighting fixtures include the Lune by Cielux, or the Philips Mood Light Collection.

Simple Desk Lighting Ideas

Simple mood lights that could be used on a desk include flameless candles. These are LED lights that use a candle like base. You can find some that use real wax bases, some are even scented.

If you have a window by your desk, you can make use of Sun Jars. These are decorative Mason jars that have a solar panel on the top. At night when it is dark, the light will come on and will look like there is a mini sun floating in the jar.

Sun Jar

The Sun Jar


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Lights & Lights Room Guide: Baby Nursery Lighting Ideas

When it comes to baby nursery lighting ideas the same principles of lighting any room still apply: you want enough general ambient lighting to create a comfortable space and you’ll need task lights (like lamps) in specific areas of the room.

The Basics

Some basic and essential lights to include in a nursery are ceiling lights and table lamps. When it comes to ceiling lights in a nursery a popular choice are pendant lights. These bring the light closer down from the ceiling providing more localized lighting. They also help keep an intimate and cozy feeling in the room.

  • DIY Paper Lantern Map Light

Creative Vintage Map Paper Lantern

Have a look at our post here showing Allison’ DIY paper lamp, where she used an inexpensive, standard paper lantern, and glued cut out pieces of a map to create lovely pendant lighting for a nursery.

An instant pendant light from Home Decorators

  • Modern Nursery Lighting

Another popular ceiling lighting option, seen in many modern and newly built homes, are recessed lights. These are the types of lights that are fitted within the ceiling, hiding all the parts, creating a minimalistic look.

If you want to create a cozy feeling in the room, but don’t want to have pendant lights (which require special wiring) as they might not be suitable when your baby grows up, there is an alternative that merges recessed and pendant lights together. Pendant adapters are pendant lights that easily screw into a recessed light socket. So you can easily switch between the two types of lighting.

  • The Importance of Table Lamps

Table lamps are essential nursery lighting fixtures. Keep one on a side table near the crib. Use a low watt bulb so that you can keep the lighting at a low level even in the middle of night. Or another option is to install dimmer switches so you don’t blind yourself in the middle of the night if you haven’t already done so on the way to the nursery room.

nursery lighting

A table lamp sits conveniently next to the changing station

Floor lamps are also ideal in a nursery room, but will be best taken out once your little one has grown from a baby to a roaming toddler. As you don’t want them pulling at the light.

Night Lights

You don’t want your little baby to wake up in the middle of the night and be in complete darkness. A simple plug in wall night light helps babies be more at ease when they wake up at crazy hours. Or how about a more elaborate and modern night light like the Twilight Turtle that shines constellations onto the ceiling.

The Twilight Turtle night light

Decorative Baby Room Lighting Ideas

Here are two decorative nursery room lighting ideas:

  • White/Orange String Lights: They provide a soft glow of light and turn a room into an enchanting space. If you use LED ones (they give off less heat) you can even wrap them around in drapery creating diffused and whimsical lighting.
  • Chandelier Lighting: A mini chandelier in the middle of the room will create a magical centerpiece and focal point in the room.

image credits: Jon Page


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Design Style Guide: Designer Italian Lighting

Italians are known for their high regard for quality in terms of manufacturing products that not only perform its function well but also speaks volumes about the Italians’ rich background in design and the arts. This can be seen in many products that come from Italy, from their suits to designer Italian lighting brands such as Foscarini or Axolight. People attribute this sense of style to the renaissance period which is believed to have started in Italy. This art movement inspired people to tap their creative minds and come up with creations that can truly make a change in the world. Art become highly regarded during that period.

Designer Italian Lighting

It comes as no surprise that Italians can create impressively stunning pieces of art that not only includes paintings, sculptures and the like, but also in other in other disciplines such as industrial design. Italian light fixtures in particular, are the most sought-after pieces for well designed residential and commercial spaces. From Italian wall lights, floor lamps, lanterns and chandeliers, the Italians can create pieces with grace and finesse.

One fine example is the Murano Chandelier, which rose to prominence as the Italians made use of hand-blown glass for the dangling, sparkling pieces of the chandelier. Even to this day, the underlying principles in crafting objects with Murano glass is still in effect, if not improved with more complex designs and varieties.

murano chandelier

Many brands have emerged in the past few decades, continuing the long-standing tradition of designer Italian lighting. Foscarini and Axolight are just two of the many companies that continue the design sensibilities of the Italians in the early 1900s. These popular Italian lighting designer brands not only continue what the makers from the past have perfected so well, but have also come to realize the importance of emerging technology and integration of these two to form unique lighting techniques.

Modern Italian Lighting

Foscarini Lighting Fixtures

Foscarini Italian Desk Light

Foscarini Italian pendant lights



The Axolight SubZero Collection

Axolight Italian Ceiling Lights

There is a wide range of Italian designer lighting brands that can be bought online at shops such as ylighting.com or lampsplus.com.

chandelier photo: jenza

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The Design Guide to Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Out of all the different bathroom lighting styles, from rustic or Victorian to Moroccan or traditional, the most chosen one is modern bathroom lighting. This is because in most homes this style will match with other rooms, and in a lot of homes the decor and fixtures within the bathroom are modern too. If you are using traditional or rustic light fixtures, you will want to have bathroom fixtures such as taps and décor that matches. Modern bathroom lighting fixtures will feature simple and clean designs.

Modern lighting styles for a bathroom will consist of lights that are usually made of chrome or stainless steel. They will have a clean and sleek design, without any ornamental or decorative features. The lamp shades should be frosted to diffuse the light, providing a soft and elegant glow.

For an example of modern bathroom lights, have a look at Murray Feiss bathroom lighting collections. For clean and simple contemporary bathroom lighting, the Tribecca Collection will be the right choice.

The Murray Feiss Tribecca Lighting Collection

The Tribecca Collection at LightingDirect.com

The Halstad Murray Feiss Collection features bold, square shaped bathroom light fixtures. They are a unique design that features brushed steel and opal glass.

The Murray Feiss Halstad Lighting Collection

The Halstad Collection at LightingDirect.com

Recessed and Cove Lighting in Modern Bathrooms

Recessed lights are popular in modern homes. They are common in living rooms and bedrooms, but can also be used in bathrooms. Recessed lights are lights that are fitted within the ceiling – this hides the lights creating a minimalist and modern look.  Recessed lights can also be fitted into walls, behind mirrors or around vanity areas. A major undertaking would be to install cove lighting. This is when a cutaway in the ceiling is made to house lights that are hidden. For more on cove lighting have a look at our post: L&L Design Guide: Cove Lighting Ideas

Unique Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom tiles that also act as lights

A unique bathroom lighting idea would be to use ‘Light Shape’. These are bathroom tiles that have an elegant floral shape cut out of them. A backlight then shines through the cutaway. Read more about it here: ‘Light Shape’ By Fiandre Provides A Fresh Look At Bathroom Light Fixtures


  1. Don’t forget that for daytime use there is always natural lighting. This can be added to a bathroom through a skylight or frosted windows.
  2. Installing dimmer switches will allow full control over the lights. You can have soft glowing light for a more relaxing atmosphere, while bright lights can be used for morning preparations.

When it comes to modern bathroom lighting, the only thing to remember is to use light fixtures that are clean, sleek and simple in design. You will want to find lights that closely match the faucets, décor and other fixtures in the bathroom to create a unified modern look.

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