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Operation Christmas: Fighting War With Christmas Lights

Operation Christmas

What is the best way to speak to guerrilla soldiers? How about through 2000 LED Christmas lights? Columbia has spent 60 years in turmoil with a guerrilla group. Knowing that Christmas, even for guerrillas, is an emotional time an advertising agency came up with an idea to send a Christmas message in the deep jungles of Columbia. The short video below shows how they achieved to demobilize 331 guerrilla soldiers during Christmas of 2010.

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GE Lighting Innovating With: The Olympics, Augmented Reality, and Christmas Lighting

GE Lighting is starting to make headline news for a number of different reasons. We highlighted them earlier with a write up on how they are partnering with the London 2012 Olympic committee to reform the lighting on the iconic London Bridge. The lights are being changed to a more energy efficient commercial lighting system, a system that will also bring out the details of the bridge where the current lights makes it look flat. This change will also allow for light shows to be project directly onto the bridge during the Olympic games and after, bringing the London Bridge into modern day.

The current lighting system makes London Bridge look flat

In Germany at the Euroshop International Retail Trade Fair, GE Lighting partnered with Appshaker to highlight their brand in a new and engaging way. GE Lighting had augmented reality stations installed around the fair. Along with Appshaker, a paper cube was made that when held up to the stations would create a 3D display that people could spin around and interact with. The video below shows the fair attendees interacting with GE Lighting’s high tech marketing material.

GE Lighting also plays a major role in a number of communities around the US when it comes to Christmas lighting. In Washington D.C. the National Christmas tree has been designed by GE Lighting for 49 years. A 80% reduction in energy consumption has been recorded as the switch to LED lights was made a few years ago. This is multiplied as all across the US, GE LED lights are widely used to light up community Christmas trees.

The National Christmas tree designed by GE Lighting in LED lights

source: Inhabitat
Image Credits: jacob barry and afagen


The Importance of a Light Bulb: Energizer Partners with One Million Lights

A great example of a corporate social responsibility case study is seeing Energizer partnering with One Million Lights, a charity that seeks to “improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting.” In a global population of around 7 billion people, 1.6 billion live without electricity. Instead, kerosene lamps which produce toxic fumes are used to light up their nights. Light is essential for kids to study, for a mother to give birth at night, or for families to do chores and jobs. One light bulb could change a family’s livelihood.

social responsibility case study

So Energizer is donating 11 million hours of solar lighting to communities living without electricity in Latin America, Philippines, Kenya and Ethiopia. These solar lights will provide free and healthy lighting. To raise awareness for this cause they are hosting Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World – a number of night races across the world. A charitable case study | advertising without borders.

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