Classical British Designer Pendant Lighting: The Bowler and Top Hat

British Hat Lamp

Created by London based designer Jake Phipps – the Jeeves Bowler Hat and Wooster Top Hat are classic British inspired designer pendant lighting fixtures. The lights are named after two characters in novels written by Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse.

There are two versions. Both are made out of black wool felt and aluminum lining. The Jeeves pendant light is a Bankers Bowler hat which has a silver lining finish. Whereas the Wooster pendant light is shaped after a top hat and has a gold lining finish.

Each light is made by hand in the UK. They are 2 meters in length and are ideal for a number of commercial settings. Retail display lighting or even restaurant lighting, depending on the ambient style, are a few examples of where the Jeeves and Wooster designer pendant lights would be suited for.

British Hat Light

The prices range from 150 – 199 EUR ($200-280) and are available from a number of online retailers. Graham and Green or Singulier. Jake Phipps website.

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