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Awesome DIY Lamp Idea: A Miniature Ancient Town

Paper Town Lamps

We’ve highlighted before how you can use camera negatives to make an awesome lamp shade (diy lamp ideas) or how you can print out your own simple graphics to create paper lanterns but this DIY project by fellowfellow.com has merged the two together and taken it to a whole new level. Claire has created her own little miniature ancient town that lights up! By simply using paper and a battery operated tea light. You can find the instructions to make your own miniature town in this post. Have a look at these wonderful photos:

Paper Town Lights DIY

Paper Town Lights

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Creative Ways of Hanging Paper Lanterns Indoors: Plus DIY Lamp Ideas, and Where to Buy Everything

Below are some unique ways to hanging paper lanterns indoors, creative DIY projects that have used paper lanterns, and resources for where to buy the materials for all of this.

1. Creating a floor lamp

A long bent branch can be used as a stand to create an arc floor lamp. It can be planted into a pot of sand or soil, or cement can be used to create a solid base. The lightweight paper lantern then hangs off of the end of the branch, while the cord is wrapped around the branch and plugged into a wall. Another option is to use a fishing pole. Have a look at the photos below:

branch arc lamp

fishing pole arc

Idha Lindhag via Desire to Inspire 

2. The branch wall light

In Anne-Claire’s bedroom we see piece of driftwood has been attached to the wall above the bed. A pendant light has then been wrapped around the piece of wood and hangs down. The same can be done with a paper lantern.

wooden bedroom lamp


3. Creating a paper lantern chandelier

paper lantern chandelier

A paper lantern chandelier

This can be done in a number of ways. If you have track lights with hanging light fixtures, then paper lanterns can be simply fitted onto these lights. Another idea is to hanging a number of paper lanterns around a ceiling light fixture. That the light from that one fixture will make the lanterns softly glow. The best option, one that will require some electrical work, is to have a number of lights hanging down from the ceiling in one area which you can then fix one lantern to.

branch pendant light

You can also hang a branch and have paper lanterns hang off of it


DIY Projects

Because paper lanterns are so light weight and inexpensive there are a wide range of different and unique DIY projects based on them. Here are some creative DIY projects that have been done using hanging paper lanterns:

paper lanterns


Here is where to buy all the supplies to create your own paper lantern lighting indoors:

Where to buy:

You can find a range of paper lanterns here.

And you can find electric cords at the link on the left.


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Design Guide: Ideas for Outdoor Pendant Lighting Fixtures

There are a range of outdoor lighting ideas. Normal recessed or flush mount lights installed into a tall outdoor ceiling won’t be able to provide enough light. Outdoor pendant lighting fixtures will need to be used, as these will help in bringing the light down closer to the ground. Below are a number of ideas on the different types of outdoor pendant lights.

outdoor pendant light

Caution: When it comes to outdoor lighting, light fixtures such as recessed and flush mount are held close to the ceiling. Therefore they are generally protected from weather conditions. Pendant lighting will need extra consideration when it comes to where they will be placed – will there be gusty winds blowing them about, and can rain reach the low hanging lights.

Hanging lanterns are the main choice for outdoor pendant light fixtures. Most people will opt to go the electrical route, but there are lanterns which have a little door for a candle to be placed inside. The great thing here is that the bulb or candle is encased within the lantern, protecting it from the weather. They come in a range of styles to suite anyone’s design taste: from modern outdoor pendant lighting in chrome or polished steel, to Japanese, Moroccan or traditional Victorian lanterns.

YLighting has a number of high end outdoor pendant lights, ranging from $170 to $1,625

 site: YLighting

Lamps Plus has a wide range of outdoor pendant lights starting at $35

site: Lamps Plus

There are also outdoor paper lanterns, which add a decorative element to an outdoor space. They come as electric powered, battery or even solar powered. A number of them can be hung side by side or one can be hung as a pendant light. They can be used for lighting patios and decks, paths or more decorative purposes such as hanging in trees. There are supersized lanterns for large outdoor pendant lighting that is used for wedding tent lighting or large gardens.

paper outdoor lanterns

Going All DIY: Outdoor pendant lighting can also be created DIY style. Hooks can be fixed to any cross beams in the garden, and from these hooks can hang jars containing candles. The jars can be taken down to light and extinguish the candles.

An outdoor chandelier

Lastly there are simple outdoor chandeliers, in electrical or candle form, which also act as an outdoor décor piece. There is also the alternative of having an all in one hanging ceiling fan and light.


Have a look at our pergola lighting ideas post. Because of the exposed cross beams of a pergola, hanging pendant lights is relatively easy.


Restaurant Lighting | VISITS 02

This visit was to a restaurant that also had a lounge section for people to sit comfortably in large cushioned seating with soft lighting.


A ceiling light with 10 light fixtures has been modified and fixed to it a range of 10 different shaped and colored lanterns. This light provided soft lighting in the lounge area of the restaurant.

A close up of the lanterns lighting up the lounge

Orange glassed wall sconces added to the lanterns ambient lighting of the restaurant’s lounge

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Using Outdoor String Lights For Your Garden

Many people think landscape lighting is expensive and complicated, but is not. One way of lighting your garden is to use decorative outdoor string lights, and using solar powered lights will make it even easier.

Outdoor string lights are a number of light bulbs connected together. The lights can range from colorful to warm or white outdoor sting lights, and come in styles such as large lanterns, circular, rustic, modern, or small festive lights. They are great because they can be used for exterior lighting all year round. String lights should not be mistaken with rope lights, which are LED lights in-cased within a clear tube to form a rope.

From paper DIY paper origami shades to wine bottle lamps, have a look at our post here for a range of outdoor string lighting ideas

Decorative outdoor string lights are used for ambient lighting: to outline driveways, walkways or steps, they look great for deck lighting, patios and porches. String lights cast a soft glow but when used with other forms of landscape lighting will enhance the look of any garden.

Depending on the quality and length of the decorative outdoor string lights, the prices can range from $15 to $150. The lights can come in lengths of 10 to 40+ feet, and some string lights are able to connect together.

Decorative Outdoor String Lights
The kind of decorative string lights to buy will be based on how you want your garden to look. If you are decorating for the festive season then red and green or other colorful string lights will turn the garden into a festive wonderland. If you are looking for a natural, year round design, one that is calm and relaxing like a European café, then white outdoor garden lights or off white will be the best choice.

Standard Outdoor String Lights: These are the most common outdoor string lights. You can get them in many different styles, colors, and lengths. There are many choices, from mini lanterns to colored blown glass.

Victorian String Light

Victorian String Lights

Lantern String Lights

Lantern String Lights

Glass Globes String Lights

Glass Globes String Lights

LED Outdoor String Lights: An energy efficient option is to use LED outdoor string lights. They are versatile and can be used to light trees, plants or other parts of the garden. More commonly seen as Christmas decorations, they now come in white and off white colors, which can be used all year round.

Japanese lanterns: A creative option for outdoors string lighting is to use Japanese lanterns. These are usually made of paper and can be fitted with an electric cord to attach light bulbs.

Going Solar
Using solar outdoor string lights will make it much easier to install and place the lights where you want. There is also no need to have timers or to switch the lights on and off, as they will automatically come on at night. They are becoming cheaper to buy and they don’t cost anything to run. More and more styles, shapes and colors are being made available as more people turn to solar powered lights.

Using decorative outdoor string lights is a great way of adding ambient lighting to your garden. It can easily turn an area into a festive, colorful place or make an area relaxing and elegant. Adding any kind of lighting to a garden will make it an enjoyable place to experience during night.

photo by photojenni

Outdoor String Lights


Outdoor Lanterns For Better Garden Lighting

Using outdoor lanterns is a great way to make your garden more homely at night and add security. Outdoor lanterns come in many styles, from candle to electric, Victorian to Asian and can be used to outline walkways, driveways, steps, and to light doorways. They work and look great on patios, decks, porches and around swimming pools. Other uses for them include events such as a wedding reception, Halloween, Christmas, parties or even for camping.

Like any other exterior lighting equipment, buying high quality fixtures will not only look great but will keep maintenance cost down. Outdoor lantern prices can range from $10 for simple paper lanterns to $150 for more elegant Victorian brass steel lanterns.

Candle vs. Lights or Solar?
If you are looking for permanent garden light fixtures that will be used regularly and requires low maintenance, then electrical outdoor garden lights work best. Outdoor lanterns for candles are ideal if you plan on using them occasionally, as they require you to light them every time. The added benefits of candle lanterns are that even the small ones can provide a heat source during chilly nights, they can also be used as a form of insect repellent. Candle lanterns are also more portable and are ideal for tabletop lighting, as they don’t require any wiring.

photo by by mistercam

Solar Garden Light

Another option is to use solar outdoor lanterns. Solar garden lights have gotten to the stage where they shine brightly, and can last the duration of the night. They have gotten cheaper and now come in a range of different styles and sizes to fit any garden design. Using solar outdoor lanterns gives you the option of having permanent low maintenance fixtures without the complexity of electrical wiring. They are low maintenance, easy to install and don’t need any timers to turn them on or off. They are also more cost effective as they don’t cost anything to run.

Types of Outdoor Lanterns
The choice of outdoor lanterns include simple, functional or more elaborate and decorative.

The different light sources: candle, electrical, LED or solar powered.

The different forms of outdoor lanterns include: hanging, wall attachments, floor, table or camping lanterns.

The most popular design style is Victorian but other style options include: Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese, rustic/lodge, traditional, contemporary/modern, paper, and wooden.


photo by simpologist

Outdoor Lantern

Installing Outdoor Lanterns
The easiest lanterns to install are solar powered, as they do not require any wiring or easy access to light candles. The most common model is the hanging outdoor lantern and can be fitted and hung from gutters. Other kinds will need a lamp post, a pole, hooks, be mounted to a wall, or will come as a set of string lights.


When it comes to choosing outdoor lanterns for your landscape lighting design, there are a number of options to choose from. From the different light sources, forms, and design styles, outdoor lanterns can easily light up and add elegance to anyone’s garden.