Ford Fusion Interior: The Hybrid Car and its Interior Mood Lighting

The Ford Fusion Hybrid car has been highlighted for its use of interior lighting. Their current cars have a center console with cup holders that have a ring of mood lighting. When you place a cup or a bottle inside the console it creates a unique glow – colors range from blue and red to pink.

More lighting design will be implemented to the interior of the 2013 Ford Fusion model. This time heavy use of ice blue lighting will be used in the Ford Fusion Hybrid interior. Ford’s research shows it to boost drivers’ alertness and mood while driving. This blue lighting will be used for the instrument display, center console, footwells, and cup holders. The 2013 model will do away with ineffective incandescent light bulbs and will have only LED lights.

Ford Fusion Interior Pictures 

Ford Fusion Hybrid Mood Lighting

The current Ford Fusion Hybrid center console with mood lighting

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Dashboard

The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid dashboard using the ice blue lighting

image credits: TheKarenD

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