Floating Lights Using Balloons and Helium

Helium Balloon LED Lights

In our post on balloon lighting we highlighted the fact that you could put battery powered LED lights into balloons and fill them up with helium to create unique floating lights. You could easily do this yourself with latex balloons and a rented helium gas tank from a party shop, or there are ready made LED balloons like Illoom Balloons which have a battery powered light already fitted inside of the balloon.

Luc Schouten has taken this balloon lighting concept and designed a more refined version. The Floating Light Lamp uses transparent balloons and a specially designed LED lamp that fits to the balloon – it is a patent pending design. The balloons come in a range of LED colors and there are 3 lighting effects: strobe, flash, or glow. Each balloon will last up to 10 hours.

Balloon LED Lights

via Yanko Design

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