DIY Outdoor Pendant Lighting Using String Lights and Basket Frames

DIY String Lights

String lights. We’ve seen them hanging in gardens, used to decorate weddings and town streets, we’ve even seen them in wine bottles (DIY wine bottle lamp). They turn a space into an enchanting setting. There are a number of ways to use them: wrap them around posts or trees, hang them side by side to create a curtain, or hang them acorss overhead to create a starry night effect. You can see all the different ways they can be used here: L+L LOOK BOOK: Beautiful Uses Of String Lights [Photo Gallery]. Now we can add another use for string lights, creating outdoor pendant lighting fixtures.

Over at from the blue shed they have created such a simple and elegant pendant light using outdoor string lights and hanging basket frames. These outdoor pendant lights will turn any garden into a fanciful place. They are ideal as deck lighting ideas too.

For the step by step DIY tutorial on creating these outdoor pendant lights head on over to: Fairy Light Globe DIY.

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