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L&L Ideas Guide: Best Lighting For Artwork

There are 3 things to remember when looking for lighting for artwork, and they are: heat, color and placement. A lot of lights, especially halogens, will produce a sufficient amount of heat. If these lights are placed too close to the artwork, or are left on for too long, this could damage the piece. Ways to avoid this is to use LED lights, fiber optics, or to make sure the light fixture is a good distance away from the art pieces. For example you can use track lighting for artwork, as these are installed into the ceiling, and each individual light can be angled to different parts of the room. Another option is to use recessed lighting in the ceiling that can be angled down towards the art work.

track lighting in an art gallery

Track lighting being used in an art gallery

The color of the light bulb can play a role in how the artwork will look. White light allows for true colors to be seen in the art, while yellow shades of light can distort it depending on the hue.

gallery art lighting

Wireless gallery lighting

Where you are going to place the lights needs to be taken into consideration. Using track lights will be simple, as they are installed into the ceiling. If you are going to use wall lights, hung right above the artwork, then how the wiring will get there needs to be looked at. One alternative is to use battery powered gallery lights. We highlighted the best lighting for artwork in our The Cordless Gallery Light post here: Highlight Decor Pieces Easily With Wireless Art Gallery Lighting. Not only do these lights not require any wiring, but they can be attached directly onto the frame of an art piece (or they can be attached to the wall). The cordless lights use LEDs so there is little to no heat and ultraviolet rays.

image credits: David Group


Guide to Closet Lighting Ideas: Fixtures, Ikea and Wireless Options

For some, closet lighting is a necessity because the closet is deep and the ceiling lights don’t fill the closet with light (or there are no lights in the closet in the first place). For others, closet lighting is an added luxurious touch, making an everyday task a little more comfortable.

There are a number of closet lighting ideas that help fill different needs. The closet lighting fixtures you choose to use will be based on how much closet space you have and how much remodeling you want to do. There are simple and quick installs using battery powered lights and there are elaborate closet lighting solutions, which are more permanent and luxurious and will require slightly more installation work. Below we go over both.

closet lighting design

2 Quick Closet Lighting Tips

  1. Use florescent or led light fixtures as these produce less heat than incandescent bulbs
  2. Avoid using just one ceiling light in a closet, as the shelves will block the light from reaching the lower parts of the closet.

dark closet


Luxurious and Permanent Closet Lighting

Having permanent, hard wired and fitted closet lighting is a luxurious element in a bedroom. These types of light fixtures can be wired to come on and off when you open the closet door. With battery powered closet lighting, you’ll have to replace the whole light fixture – here you’ll only have to change the light bulb.

The most common permanent closet lighting design is to have an overhead light and then have display lights. The display lights light up the individual closet areas. Under shelf lights are common display lights for a closet. These under shelf lights can be either recessed lights, fitted into the shelf, or flush mount/puck lights that are mounted onto the shelf.

under shelf lights

Recessed and flush mount/puck lights

door jamb

A door jamb automatically switches the closet lights on when the door is opened


These lights will then be wired to a door jamb so that they will automatically switch on and off when the door opens and closes.

This closet lighting layout will require wiring work and slight remodeling of the closet to have the lights fitted. In the end you’ll be left with permanent light fixtures, wired to the closet door.

Go Ikea

Ikea have a number of shelve and closet systems that can be easily fitted with their own lighting products.

      • The BESTÅ Shelves come with a number of lighting options:
Ikea Besta Shelves

The Ikea BESTA Shelves are made to be fitted with Ikea cabinet lights

      • The PAX wardroom system can be easily fitted with lights that automatically come on when the door is opened:
Ikea Pax Closet

The Ikea PAX Closets can be fitted with Ikea closet lighting

Ikea Pax Lighting

The lights will automatically come on when you open the doors on the Ikea PAX closet

      • Other Ikea lighting options:

ikea lighting


Quick and Simple Closet Lighting Ideas: Battery Powered LED Mounts

LED closet lighting that are battery powered will only take a minute or two to install and are relatively inexpensive ($10-$30). As they are wireless, they can be fitted anywhere in the closet (on the ceiling, under shelves, on the side walls, on the floor). These LED lights are energy efficient, produce low heat and will last a long time. They can be attached using an adhesive strip (provided) or screwed on. There are quite a few options to choose from:

  • Tap Pucks: Wireless Closet Lighting

Tap pucks are small puck shaped lights that you can fit straight onto the shelves. You turn them on and off by tapping on them.

  • Motion Sensor Lights

These puck lights also come as motion sensor lights, so they will automatically come on once you reach inside the closet.

LED closet lights

Battery powered tap and motion sensor closet puck lights

Available from Amazon here: Tap Pucks & Motion Sensor Lights

led strip

Battery powered LED light strips

  • Light Strips

These black and white LED light strips by GE can be attached to the ceiling of the closet, the underside of a shelf or on the side walls of a closet. Amazon Link

light flute

An LED light flute

  • Light Flute

A different take on the light strips above. Once again battery powered – Amazon link.

  • Track lighting

closet lights With track lighting each individual light can be angled, directing the light to certain areas of your closet. Battery powered, the light to the right can be switched between 3 settings: on/off/dim. Amazon Link

Note: The LED lights mentioned above last quite a while, but when the lights do wear out the whole light will need to be replaced.

DIY Closet Lighting

You could use rope lights or string lights to create your own simple DIY closet lighting. Rope lights are LED lights encased within a plastic tube (available from Amazon). Because they are flexible they can be bent around different angles within a closet. They can be placed in the back of the shelves to provide back lighting. For a more whimsical look, try fitting LED string lights in the closet.

rope lights

Railing Lights

LED lights fitted within a closet railing is such an elegant and sleek idea. They will automatically come on when the door opens. There are a number of issues: they are not so popular, they are hard to get hold of, and are quite pricey. This could be a good DIY project: fixing an LED light strip to a closet railing.

closet railing lighting

LED closet railing lighting by Winona Lighting

Some companies to look into for closet railing lighting:

Door Light

door light

Some closets are a mix of a standalone and a walk in. They consist of a normal door and maybe 1 to 2 feet of walk in space. An ideal lighting solution for these closets is to fix a florescent light strip right above the door shining in towards the closet.

florescent door light

Walk In Closet Lighting Ideas

walk in closet lighting

Recessed lights and a hanging light are used to light this walk in closet

solar tube

A solar tube installed in a closet - by solatube.com

Lighting a walk in closet is much like lighting any other room in the house. Recessed lighting is a popular choice for modern designs. Pendant lights will work for tall ceilings and will create a grand look. You’ll also want display lighting, much like in the first section where recessed/puck lights are installed in the shelves. Or you can have lights fitted in the back of the shelf spaces.

  • Go Green

A solar tube can provide light in a walk in closet during the day. A tube is installed in the ceiling that draws the sun’s light in.



image credits: closet factory, pkieper, ffunyman, Rubbermaid Products, Jeremy.Brown, summitdesignremodeling

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Design Guide: 10 Simple Wireless Deck Lighting Ideas

Wireless Deck Lighting Ideas It is great to have lights integrated into your deck. It is helpful to plan out the lighting while the deck is being built, but there is always the option to remodel the deck later on to wire and install lights. This can be costly and time consuming. Below are 10 deck lighting ideas that do not require you to modify the deck in any way or add any wiring.

7 Solar Deck Lighting Ideas

Using solar power is a great way to simply add deck lighting. Solar lighting has come to a point now where they provide bright light throughout the night, only needing a reasonable charge during the day. Because they use solar power, these light fixtures do not require any wiring. They are flexible to arrange around the deck and take a short amount of time to install. Here are 7 solar lighting ideas that can be added to a deck.

deck lights

Adding lighting with solar post caps

Solar post caps for decks are one of the simpler solar lights to install. These are light fixtures that simply sit on top of railing posts. The only issue here is to find caps that are the same size as the top of the posts. There is the option to screw them in place to make them more secure.

Posts Lights are simple light fixtures that attach to a side of a post. You will want to take note of the suns location during the day, and make sure the light isn’t shielded by the post. If you are planning on using post caps you can also find matching solar deck post lights.

An Umbrella Light will add lighting around a deck table or a seating area.  Here you will have two options. 1st there are solar umbrella light kits. These are light fixtures that you can attach to an existing umbrella, around the pole, while the solar cells are placed on top of the umbrella to absorb the sun. The 2nd option is buy an umbrella that has solar lights built into it.

Umbrella Lights Another deck lighting idea is to use Solar Powered Wall Lights that are attached to the walls of the house. There are a wide range of styles:  from Victorian lanterns, modern chrome lights, to Moroccan or more decorative wall lights.

Sun Jars are elegant Mason jars that contain a light inside. At night they light up like a little ball of sun within a jar. These can be placed on tables or on the floor around the edges of the deck. (Go here to see more on the Mason jar solar lights).

Outdoor string lights are common during Christmas for their green and red blinking versions. But they can be used year round when bought in yellow or off white colors. Solar outdoor string lights can also come as decorative light fixtures in the form of lanterns, such as waterproof solar powered Japanese paper lanterns. Or globe string lights are a sophisticated option, which mimics lighting from French cafes.

Outdoor globe string lights add decroating lighting to a deck

Advanced: Solar recessed deck lighting. All of the mentioned solar deck lighting options above require no or a little installation work – attaching them to a wall or post, etc. Solar recessed deck lights still require no wiring, but they need to have a groove carved out of the deck for them to sit into – a little extra work to add modern floor lighting.

3 Non Solar Deck Lighting Ideas

A small gas propane fueled fire bowl

Fire Bowls. These can come in table top sizes, or a much larger coffee table size that everyone can sit around. These help in giving off a little bit of light, but also provide heat for those slightly chilly nights. They can be fueled with either: a small table top gas propane tank, gel fuel, or oils. They can have the traditional rocks or a more modern fire glass top layer. There is also the option of a fire pit bowl where you can burn wood and charcoal.

Tiki torches are a great addition to exterior lighting. The dancing flames mimic the ambiance of a tropical resort. The most common kind are the stake versions where you plant them into the ground. These can be planted into buckets of sands and placed on the deck. Or there are versions that have an attachment so they easily be clamped onto deck railings or posts.  There are also mini tiki torches that can be used on table tops to add lighting to a deck. Don’t forget about citronella tiki torches that burn with less smoke and act as a natural and organic insect repellent.

Flameless Candles: Candles are great and all, but they don’t last long and can be messy to clean up. Flameless candles mimic real candles but use a small LED light – some even have wax bases. Some will even flicker, some are even scented. You can turn a group of them on with a remote, and there is no mess to clean up afterwards. (Go here to see more on flameless candles)

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Image Credits: Patrick, Tom

Conserving Energy with Wireless Motion Sensor Lights and Adapters

Adding or changing lighting in a home, for better design or to be more energy efficient, can be a challenging undertaking – in redoing electrical work and adding wiring. That is why adding wireless motion sensor lights or adapters are such a great idea. They only come on when needed, saving energy. Here are two quick and easy ways of adding motion sensor lighting to any room or space around a home.


Adapters: Motion Sensors for Lights

Motion activated light adapters

First up are adapters. Here we have a motion activated light adapter that screws straight into a normal light socket. You then screw a normal sized light bulb into the adapter. Instantly you have a motion sensing light fixture: all for the cost of 20-25$ and with only minutes needed to install them. Indoor and outdoor versions are available.

Wireless Motion Detector Lights

Wireless motion detector lighting

Another version of quick install – motion sensing lights are these wireless LED light packs. As they are battery powered, they can be placed or attached to any surface. They can be used inside closets, for stair lighting, or even for pathways. They either come with a peel and stick adhesive or with screws and anchors. Some are weather resistant and can be used in wet locations such as motion sensor outdoor lighting or for bathroom lighting.

The electrical and wiring work to install permanent, electrical motion sensor lighting will pay off in the long run with: added property value and less maintenance i.e. changing batteries. But the two examples above are simple and quick solutions that work well, and can be installed within minutes – at little cost. Lights featured here are available at Amazon.com