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Wedding Lighting Areas

7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights

There are a number of areas within a reception space that need to be lit up. Most function rooms or wedding venues will have the standard, basic light fixtures – rather than specific wedding lights. These tend to be unsuitable for an intimate or grand wedding setting – as they are used for general lighting […]

Wedding Monogram Lighting

What Is and How to Make Elegant Monogram Lighting For Weddings

Wedding monogram lighting is when you have, traditionally, the name of the bride and groom projected onto a surface with light. It is a very cost effective way of creating a unique and personalized wedding venue. They are used to create inviting entrances, focal points within a room or an enchanting backdrop for a wedding. […]

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Idea: Balloon Lighting

If you are looking for simple home wedding lighting ideas here is a unique one: balloons + Glow Sticks/LEDs + Helium = Floating Balloon Lights. There is nothing more effortless than a white balloon glowing with light, slowing moving in the night. This can be easily done as a DIY wedding lighting project or can […]

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