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Magnet Lamp DIY

Cool Lamp Using Magnets: How Does it Work?

Now here is a truly amazing and cool lamp. At first glance it looks as if there is a well thought out wiring system allowing the blocks to be interchanged and shifted. Having investigated further, there is a much more ingenious concept behind it. This table lamp, designed by HHarry of Instructables, uses magnets not […]


L&L Look Book: The World Of Floating Magnetic Lamp Designs

Welcome to the wacky world of magnet lighting. Floating lamps, shape shifting lights, levitating on/off switches – they are all here. You’ll be able to see a range of magnet lamp designs, some are conceptual so they are not for sale, some are real and can be bought (most at high prices), and there is […]

Milk Glass Light

The Motion Sensing Milk Lamp by Locomolife

Here is a creative lamp idea: a lamp made to look like a glass of milk and has a motion sensor used to turn it on or off. The LED Milk Lamp by Locomolife lights up when it is placed upright and you can easily turn it off by tilting it or turning it upside […]

Internet Umbrella

Projector, Camera, Real Time 3D Mapping: The Internet Umbrella!

Here is another umbrella that lights up, this time using the internet. The Internet Umbrella aka Pileus, was designed by two students in Tokyo, Takashi Matsumoto and Sho Hashimoto, envisioning a more connected future. The Pileus has two main functions, real time 3D mapping and photo sharing. The umbrella is connected to a laptop that […]


The Portable Light Show: A Programmable Umbrella with Lights

Imagine walking down the street at night or seeing this programmable umbrella with lights onstage at a concert. The Programmable Umbrella by huebner5000 was the winner of the Instructables Soft Circuit Contest. huebner5000 wanted to create a portable light show and so decided to do it onto a fold up umbrella. With the use of […]


Creative & Cool Candles: From Projectors to Votive Candle Holders

Here are a range of cool candles and unique votive candle holders. The Bravit Molecular Candle The Bravit is designed by Christoph van Bommel. The wax base is relatively thin and the one wick spreads out to form molecular structures allowing the candle to burn with 5 flames at a time. Is it chaos, beauty, […]


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