Cool Lamp Using Magnets: How Does it Work?

Magnet Lamp DIY

Now here is a truly amazing and cool lamp. At first glance it looks as if there is a well thought out wiring system allowing the blocks to be interchanged and shifted. Having investigated further, there is a much more ingenious concept behind it.

This table lamp, designed by HHarry of Instructables, uses magnets not only to hold the blocks together but also to conduct electricity from one block to another. Using magnets, nails, and conducting silver allows the boxes to pass the electricity from one to another. So you can actually take the pieces apart. The box’s light will go off, until you connect it to a box that is connected to the base which is where the source of the electricity is. If you have the urge to attempt this magnetic lamp project, you can follow along with the instructions here.

Magnet Lamp

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