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Luxury Lighting PROFILE 07: The LEAF Lamp

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

The LEAF lamp is a gorgeous, one of a kind lamp. Sculpted out of aluminum it resembles, as the name suggests, a leaf. The aluminum blades form a very modern and adjustable desk lamp. It is said to be one of the first lamps that allows a person to choose between warm mood lighting and a more cool light to work under.

Yves Behar designed the LEAF lamp for Herman Miller. Yves said it took 4.5 years to design and create this uniquely crafted, luxury light fixture. He needed to design both the lamp structure as well as the light bulb to get the modern luxury lighting piece he desired. His design goal with the LEAF led lamp was to create a light piece with a humanistic side.

Touch Sensitive Controls

The base of the lamp is touch sensitive, and it is here where you can control the light’s settings. As well as being able to control the color of the light (warm/cool), the touch control base controls on/off, and the level of brightness.

The LEAF’s Ground Breaking ‘Bulb’

It is in the design of the bulb that allows for the control between the warm mood lighting and the cool work light. There are 20 LEDs in the lamp: 10 LEDs are blue to offer the cool white light, and 10 LEDs are yellow which produce the warmer color of light. Because of its unique shape, LEAF uses 40% less energy than a compact fluorescent light – which is the reason, as well as its elegant design, why TIME Magazine named the LEAF lamp as one of the Best Inventions of 2007.

“LEAF is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express light’s magical and sensory variations,”

Yves Béhar

This organically shaped, luxury designer desk lamp comes in several colors to blend in with any décor. Choose between: white, black, Nickel (dark gray), polished aluminum (light gray) or red. Price: 429$. Herman Miller

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

Yves Behar is founder of San Francisco design agency – Fuseproject. Their guiding principle is to bring a humanistic design approach to technology based products. Other notable works of Yves and Fuseproject include Jawbone, One Laptop Per Child, and a number of projects with Mini cars.

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Modern Exterior Lighting: Glowing Pots By Rotoluxe

Planter Lights

A simple way to add ambient lighting to your garden while at the same time pot your plants is to use these glowing pot lights by Rotoluxe. These translucent pots contain either an CFL or LED light providing diffused lighting when lit. They are water proof, so they are ideal for exterior lighting in the garden, on a deck, a patio or around a swimming pool.  These decorative garden pots are also lightweight, fade resistant and made from 100% recycled content. The pots come as either standard plug powered or rechargeable battery powered (lasting 8-10 per charge). All the pots are made in the USA.

Ideal For A Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Design

Rotoluxe’s best seller is their 20” glowing, classic pot design Vazon Magnum. They have a wide range of pot sizes and styles, from the traditional pot shape, to rounded squares to modern pot shapes. There are also a wide range of different colors to choose from or have a pot with an intricate design from which the light can shine though. Their largest sized pot is over half the height of a full grown man, an ideal pot / lighting option for public spaces or large gardens.

Some are even multipurpose. For example the Flute can be used as a planter or as an elegant and modern Champagne, wine bucket. Others can be used as planters or flipped over to be used as podiums, retail displays and so on. Prices for these decorative outdoor lighting pots start at around $150 – $200 for a standard size pot. Website: Rotoluxe

LED Planters

Ideal for exterior garden lighting

Planter Lamps

A more elaborate glowing pot design by Rotoluxe

Outdoor Planter Lights

Also suitable for commercial landscape lighting

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A Modern and Creative Exterior Lighting Idea: Sun Jars

Solar Sun Jar

Sun Jars are hassle free lights, simple to use and flexible to arrange in your garden. Inside these elegant Mason jar solar lights is an LED. A solar cell captures sunlight and recharges the battery that powers the LED. At night the glowing of the light inside the frosted solar jar resembles a little captured sun.

The jars will automatically come on as it gets dark and will stay lit up to 5 hours depending on the amount of sunlight it gets during the day. They can be kept indoors on windowsill or because they are waterproof they an ideal exterior lighting idea. A number of these placed around a garden – under a tree, around flowers, on the deck or patio, on a garden shelf, or by the door – will create a unique and whimsical ambiance at night.

They are also ideal as Eco-friendly gifts for friends and family.

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Flameless Candles: Easy And Hassle Free Lighting With Just As Much Elegance As The Real Thing

If you are looking for easy and cheap lighting that provides relaxing ambient lighting, one great option are flameless candles. Otherwise known as battery candles, these mimic real candles. Some will even flicker to create an authentic candle flame look. An LED light is incased within a candle shaped base (some are made out of real wax), providing you with a cleaner and easier way of having candle lighting. These LED candles can be placed all around the home without having to worrying about the danger of fire. These flameless candles come in a range of different models, providing a number of added benefits and conveniences.

Easy Control With Remote Control Flameless Candles

Led candles mimic the real thing but are easy and safe to light

Flameless candles with remote controls can easily be found from places such as Amazon. These controls are linked up to 2-4 candles, depending on the brand you buy, allowing you to control the flameless candle lighting from a distance. Another alternative would be flameless candles with timer settings. A timer setting will automatically turn on the battery candles everyday at the same time for a certain amount of time, 5 hours for example.

Add To The Sensory Appeal With Scented Flameless Candles

You can even get scented flameless candles. The light within the candle base will heat up slightly allowing for the fragrance of the candle to spread. The most popular and common scent is vanilla. There are also more exotic scents such as citrus, Moroccan spice, lime grass, or pomegranate.

Flameless candles – ideal for elegant and hassle free: