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GE Lighting Innovating With: The Olympics, Augmented Reality, and Christmas Lighting

GE Lighting is starting to make headline news for a number of different reasons. We highlighted them earlier with a write up on how they are partnering with the London 2012 Olympic committee to reform the lighting on the iconic London Bridge. The lights are being changed to a more energy efficient commercial lighting system, […]


Conserving Energy with Wireless Motion Sensor Lights and Adapters

Adding or changing lighting in a home, for better design or to be more energy efficient, can be a challenging undertaking – in redoing electrical work and adding wiring. That is why adding wireless motion sensor lights or adapters are such a great idea. They only come on when needed, saving energy. Here are two […]

London Bridge To Host 2012 Light Shows With Energy Efficient Lighting

The Tower Bridge of London, otherwise known as London Bridge, is getting a makeover just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. General Electric along with London 2012 sustainability partner EDF Energy, and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson will upgrade the London Bridge lights – to a more energy efficient commercial lighting system. The […]

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