London Bridge To Host 2012 Light Shows With Energy Efficient Lighting

The Tower Bridge of London, otherwise known as London Bridge, is getting a makeover just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. General Electric along with London 2012 sustainability partner EDF Energy, and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson will upgrade the London Bridge lights – to a more energy efficient commercial lighting system.

The current lighting makes London Bridge look flat

The Old London Bridge Lighting:

This revitalization comes as all eyes will be upon London for the summer of 2012. The current lighting system is 25 years old – has static, fixed lights which flattens the architecture and is not energy efficient.

The New London Tower Bridge Lighting Design:

The upgrade will make use of LED energy efficient lighting systems, enabling up to a 40% reduction in energy use. A flexible lighting and cable system will be installed, which will create a more 3D look when lit – enhancing the features and details of London’s Tower Bridge.

Because of the flexible lighting system – the lights can be programmed and customized. This allows for light shows with vibrant colors and displays during events in London, such as the 2012 Olympics. Making the Tower Bridge a showcased landmark during the 2012 event.

Citelum, globally known for designing lighting for the Valley of the King (Egypt), Petronas Twin Towers (Malaysia) and The Eiffel Tower, has been appointed the lighting designer of the project. Planning documents show lighting designs to include Olympic rings and the use of gold, silver and bronze lighting effects to represent the medals.

“I want London to look its very best in 2012 as the eyes of the world are upon us. I am thrilled to have brokered this deal – at no cost to the taxpayer — to bathe Tower Bridge in eco-friendly light to create a fresh perspective of this wonderful icon.” – Mayor Boris Johnson of London

As of April 2011 the plans were still waiting for planning approval. When approved the upgrade would be completed by spring 2012 adding a new chapter in the London Bridge history books.

GE’s plans for energy efficient lighting for the Tower Bridge

Source: GE Reports

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