6 of The Best IKEA Dioder Hack Ideas

Ikea Hacks

Here are 6 of the best IKEA DIODER hack ideas that we have found.

First up is a floating LACK cross shelf that doubles as a bedroom side table and mood lighting. It is kept off of the wall by 2 inches using the LACK shelving brackets. You can find the step by step hack guide here.

Ikea Hack 01

Looking to create some mood lighting in the living room? Here is an indirect lighting idea using DIODER LED lights and a PAX FEVIK wardrobe door – instructions here.

Ikea Hack 02

Create an LED room divider using IKEA Dioder lights and an ORGEL paper lamp by following these instructions.

Ikea Hack 03

A backlit mini bar using DIODER, EXPEDIT, HUTTEN, and RILL IKEA units – DIY Guide.

Ikea Hack 04

One for the guitarists: a back lit pedal board – DIY Guide.

Ikea Hack 05

Last but not least is this image changing picture frame. How this works is by painting one image a certain color, and another image a different shade of color on top of each other. By changing the color of the light, only one of the images will show at a time – instructions.

Ikea Hack 06


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