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DIY Decor Ideas Using Outdoor String Party Lights

Outdoor string lights are great for decorating an outdoor party because they are lightweight and inexpensive. Another great light fixture to use are paper lanterns (DIY Paper Lanterns: Our 5 Favorite Posts). Here are a few ideas on how you can create unique shades for outdoor string party lights and different ways you can use them to decorate an outdoor space.

Origami String Lights

origami lights

Over at the Wit and Whistle website, they have created paper origami shades to cover LED string lights. The great thing about this idea is that you can create any sort of origami shapes from hearts, to flowers and fit them onto the string lights. LED string lights were used as they give off less heat – link.

Ping Pong

DIY ping pong lights

Steven over at Instructables has taken plain colored ping pong balls, and multicolored string lights to create these colorful DIY string lights –link.

Dixie Paper Cup Party Lights

Dixie Cup Lights

Create party lights by using Dixie cups and scrapbook paper to create a garland – link.

Decorating With String Lights

canopy lights

There are a number of ways you can use string lights to decorate an outdoor party. They can be simply wrapped around railing, trees, or hung over fences or bushes. You can create a curtain of lighting by hanging a number of string lights side by side. Another idea would be to hang string lights in rows overhead which will create a starry night effect. They can be hung overhead either from the walls of the house, from trees, or plant a pole into the soil to hang them from. If you hang the string lights upwards onto a pole you can create a nice canopy/tent effect.

Alternative: Floating Balloon Lights

floating light balloons

You can easily create festive and colorful party lights by putting glow sticks or battery powered LED lights inside of balloons and blowing them up. These glowing balloons can then be scattered around outdoors (they will even float in pools). Or if you want to go a step further, look to rent a helium tank and buy helium specific balloons from a party store to create floating glowing lights, which can be tied down around the backyard.


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6 of The Best IKEA Dioder Hack Ideas

Ikea Hacks

Here are 6 of the best IKEA DIODER hack ideas that we have found.

First up is a floating LACK cross shelf that doubles as a bedroom side table and mood lighting. It is kept off of the wall by 2 inches using the LACK shelving brackets. You can find the step by step hack guide here.

Ikea Hack 01

Looking to create some mood lighting in the living room? Here is an indirect lighting idea using DIODER LED lights and a PAX FEVIK wardrobe door – instructions here.

Ikea Hack 02

Create an LED room divider using IKEA Dioder lights and an ORGEL paper lamp by following these instructions.

Ikea Hack 03

A backlit mini bar using DIODER, EXPEDIT, HUTTEN, and RILL IKEA units – DIY Guide.

Ikea Hack 04

One for the guitarists: a back lit pedal board – DIY Guide.

Ikea Hack 05

Last but not least is this image changing picture frame. How this works is by painting one image a certain color, and another image a different shade of color on top of each other. By changing the color of the light, only one of the images will show at a time – instructions.

Ikea Hack 06


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Upcycled Lamps: 7 Unique Projects and Ideas

Here are some of the best upcycled lamps we’ve seen. These ideas and projects are simple and inexpensive to do. Leave us a comment and link if you try any of them out.

The Sharpie Doodle Lamp

You can easily upgrade a lamp by using a sharpie. Better Homes and Gardens upcycled a teal colored lamp into a one of a kind piece by simply drawing doodles on it – link.

Upcycled sharpie lamp

Superhero Lamp

Ryan McElhinney (who has worked at such places as Disney and 20th Century Fox) took old toys, a lamp and created stunning lamps. Using a hot glue gun, he stuck together a bunch of superhero toys to the base of a lamp, and then used a high gloss paint to create the unified look. – link

recycled toys lamp

Relumine: Florescent Light Strip Lamps

Because we are switching to using more energy efficient compact florescent light bulbs instead of incandescent ones, Studio mischer‘traxler wanted to go out and redesign normal lamps to use those long florescent strips. They ended up with these playful looking lamps that look like something from a Pixar movie – link.

florescent lamps

The Picasa Photo Lamp

Marie over at Under the Sycamore has used the photo sharing website Picasa to upcycle her lamps into one of a kind light pieces.  Picasa allows you to create collages with your photos and edit them into black or white if you want, which can then be printed out on vellum and hot glued onto a lamp shade – link.

recycled lamp shade

Camera Film Lamp

Here is an idea: use an old IKEA lamp and glue black and white negative film onto the glass – 6 DIY Lamp Ideas.

diy film lamp idea

Christmas Ornament Upcycled Lamp

Looking to recreate a designer lamp, Brooke over at All Things Thrifty used Christmas ornaments and a lamp to create this lovely piece – link.

upcycled floor lamp

Dip Dye

Simply and instantly upcycle lamps by getting fabric dye and dip dying the lamp shades to create gorgeous color gradients. It works best on light colored fabric lamp shades – link.

dip dye lamp


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Using Wood As a Base For Lighting: DIY Snapshots

Here are a few photos for some DIY lighting inspiration using organic materials (and one fishing pole). The first set of photos comes from Idha Lindhag via Desire to Inspire. Here a long wooden branch has been set into a block of cement to create a nature inspired arc lamp. Three pendant lights have then been wrapped around the branch to create this Zen like living room setting – plugging into a normal wall socket.

branch arc lamp

Another floor lamp has been crafted, but this time using a fishing pole. Set into a stone base, the fishing pole aches over the living space with a bird ornament hanging off of the light bulb.

fishing pole arc

The last photo from Idha Linhag is this dining table light. Holes have been drilled into a thin and long log to make space for the number of candles which then hangs beautifully above the dining table.

candle dining table light

Anna-Malin via décor8, has created her own dining room lights using a wooden branch, and decided to uses electrical fixtures rather than candles as seen in the example above. Only using a long branch, 4 fabric covered cables, and electrical help from her husband, Anna-Malin was able to replicate a pendant light she saw in a design magazine, to hang over her own dining table. The step by step process can be seen here.

branch pendant light

branch pendant light

Anne-Claire’s home is a beautiful space that makes use of a lot of natural materials. There are raw wooden book shelves, dining chairs, sleek wooden side tables, a number of indoor plants, and even wooden branches are used as decorative pieces. In her bedroom we see one of the larger driftwood branches being creatively used as a base for lamp that hangs over her bed – via Design*Sponge.

wooden bedroom lamp


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How To Make Paper Lamps: Simple and Elegant DIY Ideas

We found some gorgeous and minimalistic DIY paper lamps. Follow these tutorials on how to make paper lamps:

An LED DIY Paper Lamp

LilyLeds of Instructables has created simple and decorative lamp using only a printed image, magnets, a battery powered LED and tape. The results as seen in the pictures are elegant Asian paper lamps. The great thing about this DIY project is that you can print out any image and create your own personalized lamp (a one solid colored illustration works best). You can follow along with the instructions here.

A DIY paper lamp

Fold and cut paper lamp

Cut and Fold Lamps

Another paper lamp idea comes from Drips, again from Instrucatables. This time the lamp is made by using cut and fold techniques to create its unique style. Using only one sheet of paper, Drips outlines the step by step process to cut and fold the paper, and how to make the internal lamp. These paper table lamps are really beautiful. The designs you could make for the lamp are endless – there are templates online to make the Eiffel tower, or highly complex geometric designs – site.

Fold and cut paper lamp

Paper Cutting Lamps

MrYen has a range of paper lamps on display at his Flickr account. Using paper cutting techniques he was able to create these lamps that have soft graphics on them. The same can be done by printing a light shaded image onto the paper, but it won’t look as great.


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Eye-Catching Walk In Closet DIY Lighting Ideas

walk in closet lighting A deep walk in wonderland of a closet deserves the perfect lighting conditions. Keeping both aesthetics and functionality in mind, these walk in closet DIY lighting ideas will help you create the ultimate closet space. If this is a shared closet, now is a great time to go ahead and warn the other user that (s)he may have to drag you out of it even after the project is finished.

The Layout

Think outside of just a single ceiling fixture. Any shelving in the top of the closet will block the light from reaching lower areas of the closet if the light is only coming from one location.

The simplest way to get adequate lighting without going over the top is to have recessed or flush mount overhead lights and add display lights as needed depending on the size and layout of your closet. You can have fitted, mounted, or recessed under-shelf lighting that will light up those areas that the overhead light has difficulty reaching. Then, if it is a small closet space you wire the whole setup to an automatic door jamb switch that turns the lights on and off when you open and close the closet door(s).

Remodeling Cost Guide: How Much To Install Recessed Lighting

Battery Powered DIY Walk In Closet Ideas

Fitted, hard-wired, permanent light fixtures add subtle luxuriousness to the closet and even to the bedroom as a whole. However battery-powered LED lighting is a fairly inexpensive way to lighten up your closet and it takes absolutely zero know-how to install. There are several LED options: light strips/flutes, motion-sensitive pucks, tap pucks, and track lighting. Light strips and flutes feature a strip with battery-powered lights. Pucks can be motion-sensitive (which come on when you reach near them) or touch-sensitive (which come on with a tap of your finger). Track lighting is similar to strips/flutes, but it has the added advantage of being able to angle each light separately. One set of track lighting can brighten multiple areas.

walk in closet lights

Railing Lighting

There are also railings that come with LED lights pre-fitted and installed right into the underside of the rail. They are costly, rare, and you do not even want to think about what a pain it would be when the lights finally burn out. However, affixing LED strips to your regular closet railing could be a worthy DIY project.

closet railing lighting

LED closet railing lighting by Winona Lighting

Large Closets

Larger more elaborate walk in closets can handle the same types of fixtures you may use in other rooms. Pendant lighting is great for closets with high ceilings, or a majestic mini chandelier can add an unexpected focal point of elegance to an otherwise undecorated area.

For more ideas and pictures have a look at our post here: Guide to Closet Lighting Ideas: Fixtures, Ikea and Wireless Options