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Tropicana Sun

The Power of Sunlight: Inflating a Temporary Sun for the Winter

A lack of sunlight can cause a number of issues, such as seasonal affective disorder (a form of depression) or a Vitamin D deficiency. With this in mind Tropicana Juice created a campaign that ended up bringing artificial sunlight to a cold and isolated part of Canada. Bringing Sunshine To Dark Winter Days Inuvik, a […]

A Homeowners Guide To Driveway Lighting: The 3 Areas To Light and Choosing Between Low Voltage or Solar Lighting.

Outdoor driveway lighting is important for a number of reasons. Safety – proper lighting makes it easier to navigate the driveway at night avoiding hazards along the way. Exterior lighting of your home also helps deter possible intruders. There is also the curb appeal, helping increase the value of your home.  When it comes to […]

Solar Sun Jar

A Modern and Creative Exterior Lighting Idea: Sun Jars

Sun Jars are hassle free lights, simple to use and flexible to arrange in your garden. Inside these elegant Mason jar solar lights is an LED. A solar cell captures sunlight and recharges the battery that powers the LED. At night the glowing of the light inside the frosted solar jar resembles a little captured […]

Home Lighting Guides: Deck Lighting Fixtures, Ideas and Finishing Touches

Outdoor living areas are quite popular today as families use their decks and patios to extend their living space into the backyard for entertaining, grilling or just more family fun. The deck area of today’s house becomes an extension of the interior decor of the home as deck use becomes more important to everyday family […]

Using Outdoor String Lights For Your Garden

Many people think landscape lighting is expensive and complicated, but is not. One way of lighting your garden is to use decorative outdoor string lights, and using solar powered lights will make it even easier. Outdoor string lights are a number of light bulbs connected together. The lights can range from colorful to warm or […]


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