L+L LOOK BOOK: Tiki Torches Photos

Find inspiration for your own lighting design in our tiki torch Look Book. Below are a number of images that show the different uses of tiki torches as well as the different styles, shapes, and heights – enjoy.

2 tiki torches lighting up the sky photo by: troymckaskle

A bamboo torch overlooking a lake photo by: Brandon Koger

sunset photo by: Andy Beal Photography

A group of bamboo torches photo by: wayneandwax

a capped tiki torch photo by: brianjmatis

tiki torches placed around a swimming pool photo by: shawnogram

tiki flame photo by: Katrina Bowman

wine bottle tiki torch photo by: rrriles

in a garden photo by: shawnogram

A tiki torch at night with a lantern photo by: nicholasjon

photo by: athrasher

A torch in a garden photo by: foodiesathome.com

flame photo by: J. McPherskesen

luau lighting photo by: JolieNY

torch photo by: Katherine Martinelli

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