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Bath Light

The Modern Kids Bathtub Duck: An Underwater Light Show

In one of our recent post we highlighted battery powered LED lights that you can have floating around or attached to the walls to create a more spa like experience in the bathroom (spa lights). Well here is a little novelty gadget for a kid’s bathroom – a floating light that projects light over the […]

Kids Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Design Guide: Kids Bedroom Lighting Ideas

When it comes to kids bedroom lighting ideas, it is always best to consider their needs, as well as their playful nature. These spaces should be well-lit as the activity done inside this room is beyond one’s imagination. The little ones may opt to eat, sleep, run, jump, just about anything that demonstrates how unpredictable […]

Kids Night Light

Scared of the Dark: Nurturing Sleep With Childrens Wall Lights

With their vivid imaginations, a lot of young children develop a fear of the dark, and will have trouble sleeping. A simple night light can help children go to sleep a lot easier. Childrens wall lights range from simple plug in bulbs to more elaborate night lights that can change color and even project constellations […]

Kids Night Light

A Kids Night light With Shining Constellations

Cloud B focuses on creating better and safer sleep for babies and toddlers. They work with pediatricians and sleep specialists in creating their sleep focused products, like the Twilight Turtle night light. The Twilight Turtle is soft and gentle night light for children. A comforting plush animal, it helps children fall smoothly to sleep, and […]

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