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Nokia Lumia 800 and Deadmau5 4D Projection Show: London 2011

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

There seems to be 2 key players in the smartphone game: Apple and Samsung (what happened to BlackBerry?). Nokia is making roads with it’s Lumia 800 Windows phone. To grab some attention for their new phone, Nokia staged a high-tech show in Millbank, London on the 28th of  November 2011. Using 3D projections they dubbed it a 4D show. The added dimension comes in the form of sound – having superstar Canadian producer and DJ Deadmau5 perform exclusive remixes.

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

deadmau5 Nokia Lumia 800

The projection on the Millbank Tower used 16 projectors, and a canvas of 800 windows that were covered in vinyl. It is probably one of the tallest 3D projections seen to date, however is it really a 3D projection? The graphics were projected onto an almost flat surface. Regardless, it was an amazing event that Nokia pulled off, especially when you take a look at the amount of work it took in their behind the scenes video. When it comes to pure 3D projections, we think Toyota pushed the technology the most when they projected onto an Auris car from all angles with 7 projectors .

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3D Projections: Onto Buildings, Cars and Snow [Videos]

3D Projection Building

How cool is this – 3D projections. It has been done a number of times on buildings but other areas are now starting to get used. The basic process is that the object you want to project on, say a building, needs to be digitally mapped out. From here the projections then sit on top of and interact with the buildings features – making each building projection and on animation unique. So far most of the 3D projections are related to advertising, and brands doing some visual stunts. It will be interesting to see where, and if the use of 3D projections develop – say into featured films?

The first video is of a projection Ralph Lauren did on their London building. This was done to celebrate 10 years of digital innovation. Watch as “RalphLauren.com presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses.”

This second video is a 3D projection onto a Toyota Auris. On first watch, it looks to be fake, which is probably why they made a ‘making of’. Toyota and Glue really pushed the technology here, using 7 projectors to pull it off (as well as some additional lights here and there from the looks of it).

Next up is Red Bull mixing 3D projections with snowboarding. The great thing here is that they used infrared cameras to track the snowboarders as they flew through the air, making the projections interact with them.

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