Moroccan Lighting: Exotic Home Style Decorating Guide, Ideas and DIY Projects

Known for its exotic culture and lavish style, Morocco uses traditional Arabian motifs in combination with elegant French styling for their décor. Spanish colonialism also influences Moroccan interiors. You can import this luxurious style to any home through Moroccan lighting and simple decorative pieces. A few simple changes can make any room an exotic Moroccan oasis.

Moroccan Style Lighting

What Makes Moroccan Lighting Unique:

      • The minaret is an onion shaped architectural element found atop many Turkish structures. This uniquely Arabian shape is used often in Moroccan style lighting.
      • Moroccan light fixtures mimic lanterns. Instead of cloth or paper shades which can be found in the Far East, metallic lanterns are used. This makes Moroccan lighting more decorative than conventional lamps and lamp stands.
      • Moroccan lights can be used to fill a space with color. Unlike Western decorative glass lampshades, which cover the top half of a light bulb, Moroccan light fixtures completely surround the light source. So when colored glass is used, the colors illuminate the whole room.

Moroccan Lighting Ideas

Moroccan light fixtures create a unique atmosphere in almost any living space. They are ideal for creating romantic or mood lighting:

      • They are ideal outdoors, in living rooms or in the bedrooms – areas that don’t require bright lights for doing tasks.
      • A few Moroccan styled table-top lanterns on a dresser or end table add mood lighting to any room.
      • To create a warm inviting entry way, welcome guests with shimmering hanging Moroccan lanterns.
      • For a home with a covered deck or patio, transport any outdoor living space to an exotic locale by hanging Moroccan fixtures above eating and drinking areas.

Have a look at the photos and the end of this post for more ideas on using Moroccan lighting around the home.

DIY Moroccan Lighting

Although Moroccan lighting is exotic and luxurious, it can still be affordable. People with an interest in DIY home-improvement can easily master a few techniques to create beautiful Moroccan lighting. This easy Design Sponge project lets you make exquisite Moroccan lanterns in an afternoon – link.

DIY Moroccan Lights To create a charming Moroccan pendant lamp at home, try out this Instructables project – link. The link provides a print-out stencil and instructions for recreating fabulous Moroccan décor using thick paper or thin plywood.

DIY Moroccan Pendant Light

Décor Elements to Go Along With Your Moroccan Style Lighting

Transform an entire space using a few exotic elements in combination with Moroccan lighting.  First, focus on shimmering textures. Highlight metallic pendant lights with beaded satin pillows or curtains. Remember organic curved decorative shapes emphasize the rounded minaret structure of Moroccan fixtures. Look for wooden furniture with round and curved elements instead of clean lines and right angles.

Moroccan decorations are plush and rich. Use oversize pillows instead of chairs for extra seating. To emphasize the richness of Moroccan décor accent a room with deep jewel tones such as navy blue, magenta, forest green and rust orange. A few minor changes can alter the entire feeling of one room instantly.

Photo Inspiration

moroccan wall lamp

A Moroccan wall lamp

moroccan home lighting

An entry using Moroccan style lighting

Moroccan Tea Lights

Moroccan Style Tea Light Holders

Moroccan floor lamp

A Moroccan style floor lamp

Moroccan wall lamp

Moroccan style outdoor lighting 

patio lighting


image credits: mendhak, Jon Olav, Badly Drawn Dad, Rebecca, Claire H, Fiona 

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