MONSTER Tron iPod Dock: Merging Sound, Lights and Technology

Not much has been highlighted on the amount of work that went into a number of side products made for the Tron movie. A number of high end headphones, a Playstation 3 charging station, and also an epic and futuristic iPod / iPhone docking station with speakers have been created with the same sleek designs as the movie.

The Tron Light Disk brings the movie’s lighting effects to life as it combines the beauty of sound, sight and style. It is an iPod dock that senses your music and synchronizes the lighting with it. There are 2 rings of lights that contain 80 individually controlled LED lights. These lights have a cinematic feel to them, flickering on when you start the iPod dock and trace the circular path of the display. The glowing of the soft blue and white light up speakers is authentic of the Tron world.

Tron iPhone Dock

There is also an iPod/iPhone app that integrates with the dock when plugged in. This app synchronizes graphics on the iPod/iPhone screen to the dock and the music. It can also be used to set an iPod alarm clock.

The Tron Legacy iPod Dock:

  • A 5 speaker 2.1 system, suitable for the iPods (Nano and Touch) and iPhones
  • Also has a 3.5mm jack for input from other music sources
  • It includes a remote to control the lighting and music
  • Made by Monster. The Monster Tron iPod dock is priced at $169 on Amazon
Tron iPhone Dock

The Monster Tron iPod Dock

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