Decorating A Space With Lighted Twigs

Most mood lights consist of shiny, minimalist orbs that can change color to your liking. But decorative lights such as lighted twigs can easily change the feel of a room. These are lights that are shaped like branches and twigs, so even when they are not on, they add a decorative element to a room. When they are on, they provide decorative indoor lighting – much more sophisticated than the overused string lights.

lighted twigs Lighted twig branches are versatile light fixtures. They can be attached to a wall creating a sprawling wooded light feature, or they can be placed into a vase or pot. Here is where you can tailor these light fixtures to the décor style of the space you are putting them in. You have a range of choices on the type of base to use – from Japanese to metal style pots or vases to place the lights in. Or you can go with glass, see through vases and fill them with colored rocks and the branches.

branch lights decorations If you want to create an intimate setting in say a bedroom or living room, then it would be best to go with a dark ceramic vase. Glass vases would work well with modern, minimalist décor styles filled with chrome or glass décor pieces. These lighted twigs also work well as restaurant lighting fixtures or even as easy wedding lighting decorations.

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