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LUNE By Cielux: An Artistically Crafted LED Mood Light

The Lune by Cielux is one of the most eye catching pieces of mood lighting. With its sleek circular body, bright and vivid colors wash around the curve in the most elegant way. A minimalistic light fixture that does it job in providing intimate home mood lighting. The yellow hue is idea for bedroom mood lighting, for a romantic night try switching the LUNE to red, or go with green or blue for a gathering with friends.

The Lune lamp is designed around complete simplicity. One of the features that stems from this is the single point touch pad. This is an invisible spot within the circle where you can adjust the light settings. There are seven color choices (red, green, blue, purple, white, teal, and yellow), two color speed fading modes and the brightness can be controlled.

The standard position of the LED lights (which consumer only 9 watts) points inwards on the curve, diffusing the light in a range of directions. This can be adjusted as the LED lights are attached to a twisting portion of the light fixture. So you can rotate the lights to change from home mood lighting to accent lighting focused onto a wall or painting.

The LUNE while providing mood lighting to set any backdrop, is a decorative piece in itself. This is why it is ranked above the common Philips mood lights. The LUNE LED mood light also comes at a more reasonable price: $150 on Amazon.

Also available at Krroma Stores

The LUNE LED mood light

MONSTER Tron iPod Dock: Merging Sound, Lights and Technology

Not much has been highlighted on the amount of work that went into a number of side products made for the Tron movie. A number of high end headphones, a Playstation 3 charging station, and also an epic and futuristic iPod / iPhone docking station with speakers have been created with the same sleek designs as the movie.

The Tron Light Disk brings the movie’s lighting effects to life as it combines the beauty of sound, sight and style. It is an iPod dock that senses your music and synchronizes the lighting with it. There are 2 rings of lights that contain 80 individually controlled LED lights. These lights have a cinematic feel to them, flickering on when you start the iPod dock and trace the circular path of the display. The glowing of the soft blue and white light up speakers is authentic of the Tron world.

Tron iPhone Dock

There is also an iPod/iPhone app that integrates with the dock when plugged in. This app synchronizes graphics on the iPod/iPhone screen to the dock and the music. It can also be used to set an iPod alarm clock.

The Tron Legacy iPod Dock:

  • A 5 speaker 2.1 system, suitable for the iPods (Nano and Touch) and iPhones
  • Also has a 3.5mm jack for input from other music sources
  • It includes a remote to control the lighting and music
  • Made by Monster. The Monster Tron iPod dock is priced at $169 on Amazon
Tron iPhone Dock

The Monster Tron iPod Dock

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Modern Lighting: The iPad Meets A Jellyfish

JellyFish Mood Light

The Jellyfish by Yantouch – Ideal for bedroom mood lighting

Named after a jellyfish because the shape and how jellyfishes are able to change colors in the wild, this highly advanced mood lamp from Yantouch can change into hundreds of thousands/millions of color combinations. An onboard touch pad on this home mood lighting device, gives you full control of the colors with the use of finger based gestures.

There are three different models available: The JellyFish, JellyFish Black and The JellyDice

Mood Light

The JellyFish mood light by Yantouch

The JellyFish

The standard Yantouch JellyFish comes with a black top display and a white base with a transparent tube stand. Incased within the display are 24 sets of RGB LED lights (72 in total). It is priced at EUR 135 / $189.

The JellyFish Black

There are a few differences between the JellyFish and the JellyFish Black. Instead of a white base, the JellyFish Black comes in black. There are also fewer LED lights within this lamp with only 17 sets of RGB. Making the cost cheaper at EUR 99 / $139

Mood Light

The JellyDice by Yantouch

The JellyFish Dice

The JellyFish Dice comes as a black top display, a white base, with a rubber plate as a stand. There are only 8 sets of RGB LED lights, limiting the color selection to 100,000 whereas the JellyFish and JellyFish Black have a color selection of 16 million.

There is also less control over the color choice with the Dice. With the other two modes, you can control the speed of the LED mood lighting, saturation and brightness, while with the Dice (you can still control the color choice) you get two alternative functions: roulette and dice, where the lamp can choose the display color for you if you wanted it to.  Priced at EUR 69 / $97

The most advanced mood light: the Yantouch Jellyfish Lamp

The JellyFish is available at ThinkGeek for $79.99

JellyFish Mood Light

The gesture based, color changing lamp by Yantouch

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