Modern Exterior Lighting: Glowing Pots By Rotoluxe

Planter Lights

A simple way to add ambient lighting to your garden while at the same time pot your plants is to use these glowing pot lights by Rotoluxe. These translucent pots contain either an CFL or LED light providing diffused lighting when lit. They are water proof, so they are ideal for exterior lighting in the garden, on a deck, a patio or around a swimming pool.  These decorative garden pots are also lightweight, fade resistant and made from 100% recycled content. The pots come as either standard plug powered or rechargeable battery powered (lasting 8-10 per charge). All the pots are made in the USA.

Ideal For A Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Design

Rotoluxe’s best seller is their 20” glowing, classic pot design Vazon Magnum. They have a wide range of pot sizes and styles, from the traditional pot shape, to rounded squares to modern pot shapes. There are also a wide range of different colors to choose from or have a pot with an intricate design from which the light can shine though. Their largest sized pot is over half the height of a full grown man, an ideal pot / lighting option for public spaces or large gardens.

Some are even multipurpose. For example the Flute can be used as a planter or as an elegant and modern Champagne, wine bucket. Others can be used as planters or flipped over to be used as podiums, retail displays and so on. Prices for these decorative outdoor lighting pots start at around $150 – $200 for a standard size pot. Website: Rotoluxe

LED Planters

Ideal for exterior garden lighting

Planter Lamps

A more elaborate glowing pot design by Rotoluxe

Outdoor Planter Lights

Also suitable for commercial landscape lighting

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