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Italian Designer Lighting Profile: The Beluga Collection

Round Italian Lighting

The Beluga lighting collection is a bold but sleek range of spherical light fixtures. They are designed by Marc Sadler and made by Fabbian, an Italian designer lighting company. There are 4 collections under the Beluga name, which includes a range of different types of light fixtures that can be fitted all around the house, or in commercial spaces.

Beluga Steel

Beluga Steel Designer Lighting

Beluga Steel Designer Lighting

Beluga White

Because of it’s simplicity and neutral color, the Beluga White range would be ideal in residential settings. The range includes floor lamps, standing floor lamps, wall and ceiling lights, pendants and track lighting.

the Beluga White designer lighting collection the Beluga White designer lighting collection the Beluga White designer lighting collection

Beluga Color

The Beluga Color designer lighting

Beluga Alu

The Beluga Alu range, consists of floor lamps which can be used indoors or outdoors. There are two colors and two types: LED or incandesent light fixtures.

Beluga Alu Designer Floor Lights Beluga Alu Designer Floor Lights

Fabbian is an Italian company, producing designer lighting. They have showrooms in Italy, the US, and Brazil and have independent retailers selling their products all over the world. Find out more here Fabbian.

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Light Architect: Using Darkness as a Canvas For Light [TED Talk]

Lighting architect Rogier van der Heide talks about the importance of darkness in this fascinating talk at TEDx Amsterdam. He talks about lighting design in terms of natural light in architecture, the beautiful dynamics of the sun and how we can bring it into buildings to enhance our lives, and touches upon the future of integrating lighting into our lives with color light therapy.



3 Designer Lighting Profiles: Shadow Projectors

The 3 lighting designers highlighted below have created enchanting light pieces. They are designed to light up a room with a range of different shadows. They can be used in homes for decorative lighting – however they would be more suited for retail spaces or restaurant lighting.

The Rontonton

The Rontonton is a Morrocan inspired light shade which can be used as pendant, table or floor lighting. 3 different designs make up the panels of the shade, casting an array of shadows. It was designed by Edward van Vilet for Quasar, a Dutch lighting manufacturer who produces designer light pieces.  The Rontonton comes in 2 different sizes and the powdered coated steel comes in orange, black, or white.

Dealers for Quasar lights can be found in the USA, Singapore, UAE, Denmark, plus a number of other countries. Studio Dekor is a New York based dealer who can be contacted here.

The Rontonton designer light

The Rontonton designer light

Dahlia Petal Light

With a soft glow, the Dahlia light looks like it is living and breathing. The light softly illuminates the petals, and gives off subtle shadows. The light can be hung on the wall or on the ceiling. Either way, the Dahlia will defiantly create a focal point in a room, much like a chandelier would do. Designed by Janne Kyttänen and available from Freedom of Creation for €1930.25.

The Dhalia by lighting designer Janne Kyttänen

The Dhalia by lighting designer Janne Kyttänen


Lumen is a collection of oil lamp shadow projectors. Create by Adam Frank, there are 6 different designs which can bought at for $48.

Lumen by Adam Frank

Lumen by Adam Frank


Luxury Lighting PROFILE: The Trump Home Collection

The Trump brand, world renowned for its luxury real estate developments such as the Trump International Hotel and Tower (New York), Trump Park Avenue (New York) and the Mar-A-Lago Club (Florida) to name a few, has launched the Trump Home Collection – a luxury home furnishing offering. It features furniture, mattresses, room décor, a bath collection and lighting. Their luxury lighting offering includes 36 different styles: Regency, Lincoln Square, Chelsea, Seven Springs and Briarcliff are some of the Trump Home Lighting Collections. They encompass a wide range of styles and timeless designs. Highlighted below are just a few examples of the vast Trump luxury home lighting Collection.

Trump Lighting Collection

Regency: One of Trump’s luxury lighting collections

From the Regency collection, these wall lanterns and a grand pendant light are made out of solid cast iron and have a burnt bronze finish. The leaf and gold detailing create truly luxury interior lighting fixtures. Other fixtures from the Regency collection include other wall lights and pendant lighting, and a number of chandeliers.

Trump Lighting Collection

Tribeca: Modern luxury lighting

The Tribeca Collection design style is inspired by Manhattan living. The polished nickel with cream colored shades, form a minimalistic and sophisticated collection. The luxury modern lighting of the Tribeca Collection is ideal for more contemporary interiors.

Trump Lighting Collection

Modern floor and table lamps from the Empire and Park East Collections

The Empire and Park East Collections host a range of elegant and modern, black shaded lamps.

Trump Lighting Collection

A few examples of the Senecal Trump lighting collection

The Senecal Collection brings a European style to the Trump luxury lighting portfolio. With their Egyptian crystal and bronze finish, these are beautiful shimmering light fixtures.

For more information on Trump Home Lighting and to find dealer close to you visit the ELK Lighting site. sells these light fixtures online: prices range from $100 for a simple wall light to $2000 for chandeliers.

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Luxury Lighting PROFILE 07: The LEAF Lamp

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

The LEAF lamp is a gorgeous, one of a kind lamp. Sculpted out of aluminum it resembles, as the name suggests, a leaf. The aluminum blades form a very modern and adjustable desk lamp. It is said to be one of the first lamps that allows a person to choose between warm mood lighting and a more cool light to work under.

Yves Behar designed the LEAF lamp for Herman Miller. Yves said it took 4.5 years to design and create this uniquely crafted, luxury light fixture. He needed to design both the lamp structure as well as the light bulb to get the modern luxury lighting piece he desired. His design goal with the LEAF led lamp was to create a light piece with a humanistic side.

Touch Sensitive Controls

The base of the lamp is touch sensitive, and it is here where you can control the light’s settings. As well as being able to control the color of the light (warm/cool), the touch control base controls on/off, and the level of brightness.

The LEAF’s Ground Breaking ‘Bulb’

It is in the design of the bulb that allows for the control between the warm mood lighting and the cool work light. There are 20 LEDs in the lamp: 10 LEDs are blue to offer the cool white light, and 10 LEDs are yellow which produce the warmer color of light. Because of its unique shape, LEAF uses 40% less energy than a compact fluorescent light – which is the reason, as well as its elegant design, why TIME Magazine named the LEAF lamp as one of the Best Inventions of 2007.

“LEAF is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express light’s magical and sensory variations,”

Yves Béhar

This organically shaped, luxury designer desk lamp comes in several colors to blend in with any décor. Choose between: white, black, Nickel (dark gray), polished aluminum (light gray) or red. Price: 429$. Herman Miller

Leaf Lamp Herman Miller Leaf Lamp Herman Miller

Yves Behar is founder of San Francisco design agency – Fuseproject. Their guiding principle is to bring a humanistic design approach to technology based products. Other notable works of Yves and Fuseproject include Jawbone, One Laptop Per Child, and a number of projects with Mini cars.

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