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Creating Whimsical Purple Wedding Lighting

A purple themed wedding, a color that represents royalty, is a popular choice. A reception decorated in purple and white creates an elegant backdrop. When it comes to decorating purple wedding receptions, lighting can play a major role. Here you will have two options in creating purple wedding lighting, both of which are simple and […]

Design Guide: Indian Wedding Lighting

Traditional Hindu weddings are festive events that can take place over a number of days. They are colorful ceremonies – in which the choices of colors have meaning. If you are planning an Indian wedding, or an Indian styled wedding here are a few tips on Indian wedding lighting. Significance of Colors in Indian Weddings […]

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Create A Dreamy Backdrop With These Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Whether you are having a tent wedding, outdoor wedding reception, or a wedding on a beach, there are certain outdoor wedding lighting ideas that create the ideal backdrop. We have an article on the specific areas of a reception that need wedding lights (7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights) such as the […]

Light Tape: Freedom in Lighting Design

‘Light Tape’ is an new innovative way of adding lighting. It is already being adopted by many companies, such as the Tron Legacy movie – the applications are endless. Light Tape is an electroluminescent light strip (a much better alternative to LED lights). It is as thin as a credit card, comes in any color, […]

Easily Create Themed Drinks With Light Up Ice Cubes

Want to add a little dynamism to the drinks you are serving. Whether it is for a gathering at home, or for bar, club or restaurant lighting – light up ice cubes add a unique twist. There is also the option to get a little creative and use different colors to coordinate with different holidays […]

Wedding Tent Lighting Ideas

How To Create Enchanting Wedding Tent Lighting

A tent wedding is a great choice because it allows for great freedom in design, and decor. Lighting will play an even larger role with a tent wedding compared to standard hall type receptions. A tent is a blank canvas for wedding tent lighting – you have fabric everywhere, left, right, and up top. You […]

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