Androp Uses 250 Cameras to Animate and Back Light a Music Video

Music Video Lighting

Using 250 Canon Cameras to create a pixel display

Androp is a new band from Japan. They have released their first album, and each song has it’s own very unique music video. The great thing about their music videos is that they have gone down the creative route rather than videos with high production values. There is even a music video that showcases a video game they created. The music track plays in time with the simple animated game  – Androp Bell.

Out of all their creative music videos, the one I want to highlight here is where they’ve used a unique approach to back lighting a stage. Androp used a matrix of 250 cameras with flashes. Each camera is programmed, which allows for the backdrop to create images. The video gets very dynamic 3 minutes in. Check it out below.

“When we listened to ‘Bright Siren’,
we envisioned bright lights flickering in the darkness,
and the lyrics ‘not to make it a memory’ stuck in our minds.
From these inspirations, we came up with the idea of using camera strobos
as pixels to create an animation out of light”

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